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Do Pirates Fly in the Sky? (Co-op)Tequila (Bounty Hunt)
Do Pirates Fly in the Sky? (Co-op)
Do Pirates Fly in the Sky? (Co-op).png
Summon 2 Pirate Crew Members to fight a random enemy. Enemy goes second.
Hyper Info
20 ★
"There ain't no law against pirates flying in the sky." ―Tequila


In Co-op mode, Tequila's stats and passive do not visibly change. However, parts of Tequila's passive do not function:

  • Pirate Crew Member does not appear as an enemy unit on  Encounter panels.
  • The AvengerAvenger
    Receive +1 ATK per HP lost in combat.
    ability does not stack with Tequila's +1 ATK per HP lost passive. Thus, each HP lost in battle only gives +1 ATK instead of +2 ATK.

Tequila's main Hyper, Do Pirates Fly in the Sky?, has a different effect in Co-op. When used, two Pirate Crew Member units will initiate a battle with a randomly selected enemy. The enemy will be on the defending side in these battles.

Tequila's secondary Hyper, Flying Pirate, does not appear in Co-op at all.

Co-op Rank
Attacker Guardian Support Avenger Dealer

Bounty Hunt

In Bounty Hunt mode, Tequila's passive is changed to conform with the mode:

  • Tequila no longer gains +1 ATK for every HP lost during a battle, but instead gains +1 ATK total regardless of the amount of HP lost.

Tequila's base stats give him 52 starting stars and a discount of -30% at shops.