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Tequila's stats and passive make him incredible defensively, often dissuading opponents from even attempting to fight him. Due to this, and having no natural ATK, Tequila should be incredibly defensive, unless he either has to fight, or is very safe in fighting, such as fighting an opponent at 1 HP. Tequila should almost exclusively aim for  Bonus panels to attempt to gain a lead, as if he has a lead, he is very hard to take down. Due to Tequila's -3 EVD, he will often take damage even from 1 rolls on ATK, making it very important to keep his HP up with cards such as  Pudding.


Playing As Tequila
  • Tequila is one of the best answers to high ATK characters such as Tomomo due to his passive, which makes him a frightening opponent to start fights with.
  • It is very important to keep Tequila's HP up, making healing such as  Pudding and  Dinner vital.
  •  Big Magnum pairs excellently with Tequila, as the HP loss will also trigger his passive, giving him +3 ATK total, and a great offensive tool for when it's needed.
  •  Quick Restoration can allow Tequila to take big hits on purpose, in order to gain a large amount of ATK and heal it off afterwards. However, due to requiring usage in battle, it will not assist Tequila if he is slowly chipped down, unlike other healing cards.
  • Tequila is able to play without much help from cards, meaning he is able to use  Gift Exchange to punish characters who rely on cards. However, he does have many benefits from cards, so it may be wise to only use it if you are sure your opponents will be playing characters who require cards.
  •  Pet Snacks will buff Tequila's pirate minion. Although, this also makes Tequila take more damage than usual from  Encounter panels.
  •  Invasion can threaten opponents with a Pirate Crew Member, even if Tequila isn't the one to place it. However, if Tequila lands on it he will almost certainly take damage himself, a very unfavorable outcome.
Playing Against Tequila
  • Due to his passive, it is recommended to be careful before choosing to fight Tequila.
  • Sherry can be used to avoid Tequila's passive nearly entirely with her passive. In the same vein, Kai's hyper can be used to safely attack him without fear of counterattacking.
  • Characters with high HP and DEF such as Kyousuke can fight Tequila and almost certainly damage him due to his pitiful EVD and take little damage from his counterattack.
  • When Tequila is at 2 HP, he is often safe to fight as the worst case scenario is he takes 1 damage and only gains +1 ATK.
  • Cards that deal damage outside of battle, such as  Long-Distance Shot,  Cloud of Seagulls, and  x16 Big Rocket are excellent for lowering Tequila's HP in order to finish him off with less risk of him surviving and counterattacking with a large ATK boost.
  •  Dark Side of Business works really well against Tequila since it allows the user to steal stars from him, which is normally hard to do when he is above 2 HP. It also makes the user not deal any damage, so his passive wont trigger.
  •  Sink or Swim is very effective against Tequila when he reaches 1 HP, as he is very unlikely to successfully evade any ATK rolls, making the ATK drop negligible.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Big Magnum

 Saki's Cookie
 Gift Exchange

 Pet Snacks

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Dark Side of Business
 Long-Distance Shot
 Sink or Swim

 Cloud of Seagulls
 Mimyuu's Hammer
 Sealed Guardian