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  • Tequila appears in the artwork for and is quoted in the descriptions of  Big Magnum,  Backdoor Trade, and  Do Pirates Fly in the Sky?.
    • Pirate Crew Member appears in the artwork for and is quoted in the description of  Flying Pirate. He also appears in the artwork for  Freight.
  • Tequila is the first boss you fight in Flying Red Barrel.
  • Tequila is drawn and voiced by Hono.
  • Tequila is the first DLC or bonus character to have their hyper art drawn by someone other than Hono.
  • Pirate Crew Members will have the same color and accessories equipped as the Tequila who summoned them.

Update History[]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.3
  • Fixed so Pirate Crew Member unit graphics can be modded.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.8.2 (Hotfix 3)

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.27.1
  • Pirate Crew Members now have speech bubbles in combat.
  • Player circles corresponding to their summoner are now drawn below Pirate Crew Members.
  • Fixed Tequila's passive ability not working correctly with some other effects.
  • Fixed Pirate Crew Members sometimes granting stars when defeated.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.27
  • Added to the game with DLC 17Tsih & Tequila Character Pack.jpg.