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The Big Bang.jpg The Big Bang
As Saki, KO at least 2 other players with one Big Bang Bell you have set (DLC 2)

The Big Bang is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 2.



  • This achievement involves more luck than most, as it requires several opponents being in the same vicinity at once, as well as being at an appropriate hp threshhold to all be dying to your hyper at once, which also relies on how many turns its been since you laid your trap. Thus, it's best to try for this on a small, clustered map like Practice Field or Vortex, and laying your hypers in places that maximize its range on surrounding tiles, typically homes. It's also advisable to be playing against low hp characters such as Peat or Nanako, rather than Marie Poppo or Krilalaris.
  • As an aside, KOing yourself does not count towards the 2 players; they must be 2 other players. KOing yourself as the third or fourth kill is fine, and in fact triggering it yourself is a valid strategy if you see several players clustered near a space you know to be a Big Bang Bell, and you happen to be in range of it. In that scenario, cards like  Lonely Chariot can be helpful for pinpoint maneuvering.

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