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The Harbinger
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The Harbinger (先駆者 Senku-sha) is a special enemy unit featured in Bounty Hunt Mode. It was added to the game during the Bounty Hungers event, which also introduced the mode as a permanent game mode.


  • Cannot be damaged or KO'd from out of battle effects.
  • Challenge other units when passing by them.
  • When defeating a unit in battle, steal 1 fame if the unit was a player. If not Awakened, also gain a stack of Soul Eater, and heal 1 HP.
  • Give 2 fame + all stolen fame when KO'd.
  • (Unlisted) Every 5 chapters, inflict Doom on the non-KO'd player with most fame.
  • (Unlisted) At the start of turn, if The Harbinger has 3+ Soul Eater, heal to full HP, inflict Doom to all players, and become Awakened.
  • (Unlisted) When KO'd, give Fearless Hunter to all units who dealt damage to The Harbinger.

NPC Overview

The Harbinger is a special unit that only appears in Bounty Hunt Mode. After Chapter 15, there is a chance at the start of each chapter for The Harbinger to spawn on a random panel. It will be an extra unit that will walk around on the board, taking its turn after Player 4. The Harbinger will only trigger movement-type panels, and will attempt to fight other units on the board. It will remain on the board until it is KO'd, and gives 2 Wins upon defeat. Only one will spawn per game.

The Harbinger will have a HUD located at the top of the screen in the center, similar to co-op bosses. This HUD has the same functionality as a player HUD. The HUD displays The Harbinger's current HP and current stacks of Famous Weakling Slayer. Hovering over the HUD will display The Harbinger's unit card, level, current stars, current wins, and active stock effects.

The Harbinger is immune to all effects that cause out-of-battle damage or cause instant KO. However, it is not immune to 'lose HP' effects, or effects that set HP to a certain value.

The Harbinger will automatically challenge any players and minions it passes on the board. Upon KO'ing a unit, if The Harbinger does not have the Awakened Soul Eater stock effect, it will heal 1 HP and will also gain 1 stack of the Soul Eater stock effect. If the KO'd unit is a player with at least 1 fame, The Harbinger will gain 1 stack of the Famous Weakling Slayer stock effect, and the KO'd player will lose 1 fame.

At the start of The Harbinger's turn, on every 5th chapter of the game (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.), it will automatically inflict the Doom stock effect to the player with the highest fame that is not KO'd and does not already have the Doom stock effect. In addition, at the start of The Harbinger's turn, if it has 3 or more stacks of Soul Eater, The Harbinger will heal to full HP, inflict the Doom stock effect to all players, and will gain 1 stack of the Awakened Soul Eater stock effect.

Upon defeat, The Harbinger will grant fame equal to 2 + the amount of Famous Weakling Slayer stacks. In addition, all players who dealt damage to The Harbinger will gain 3 stacks of the Fearless Hunter stock effect.

  • Famous Weakling Slayer: +1 Fame per stack up to 6. Gathered Fame will be given in addition to the base Fame reward upon defeating the Harbinger.
  • Soul Eater: Upon reaching 3 stacks, fully heal self, and inflict Doom to all units.
  • Doom: Suffer KO when the duration reaches zero. Removed upon defeating The Harbinger, by getting KO'd, or by purchasing Elixir. Give a stack of Soul Eater to the Harbinger if KO'd while having this effect.
  • Awakened Soul Eater: Permanent +1 Max HP, +1 ATK, -1 DEF.
  • Fearless Hunter: Your bravery is increased by defeating the Harbinger, reducing all incoming battle damage by 1 for the next stock amount of battles.