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Playing As Tomato & Mimyuu
  • Tomato is good at fighting early on due to the lack of many stars lost and the fact that they can revive incredibly quickly.
  • As Mimyuu, you are focused on using your Hyper as that creates a dynamic with Tomato and generates you even more Hypers.
  • In lategame, they might falter due to hypers and general power-creep with card levels. In this case, offensive battle cards like  I'm on Fire! help seal KOs more safely if it isn't a good time to use  Waruda Machine, Blast Off! while defensive cards like  Rbits and  Rainbow-Colored Circle help against oncoming attacks, especially as Tomato.
  • Cards that let players draw cards like  Nice Present can also create an unsettling Catch-22 with players as they have to risk pulling an  Evil Spy Work - Execution as well as becoming more vulnerable to Tomato if she has a  Waruda Machine, Blast Off! in hand. Tomato, however, does not suffer this dilemma due to her passive, which lets her draw cards to her heart's content.
  • Cards with high star costs/levels or effects that make them difficult to use such as  For the Future of the Toy Store and  Princess's Privilege can be used to great effect with Tomato's Hyper, as it will make it harder for opponents to empty their hand. Low-norma, low-cost cards that aren't helpful to Tomato & Mimyuu are also a bad idea to deck for this reason.
  •  Scary Solicitation can also be a devastating one if played properly, as it can, at best, make each player lose 45 stars and likely be severely maimed due to potentially pulling multiple copies of  Evil Spy Work - Execution.
  •  Passionate Research also automatically pulls  Evil Spy Work - Execution, which can let you grab multiple hypers while dissuading other players from using the card.
  • Star collecting cards such as  Nice Jingle can also be of benefit to the duo, as Mimyuu wants to use her hyper the moment she can.
  •  Play of the Gods can pull  Evil Spy Work - Preparation if you have it, letting it be played earlier and for cheaper.
Playing Against Tomato & Mimyuu

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Scary Solicitation
 Passionate Research
 Rainbow-Colored Circle

 Nice Present
 I'm on Fire!
 Nice Jingle

 Play of the Gods
 Big Magnum

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Long-Distance Shot
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Reverse Attribute Field

 Shield Counter
 Present Thief