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Magical Massacre
Magical Massacre.png
All units whose HP is full or higher will suffer KO. Gain -1 REC on next Revive roll for each enemy KO'd.
Hyper Info
20 ★
"Disappear." -Tomomo


Tomomo's Hyper is Magical Massacre. When used, it will instantly KO all units whose current HP is equal to or greater than their maximum HP. This can also affect the player. The player gains -1 REC to their next revive roll for every unit KO'd by this effect.


Magical Massacre is a lackluster Hyper card that is difficult to use effectively, and designed more to buffer Tomomo's powerful stats. The card itself is decently priced at 20 stars, but requires level 4 Norma. As a result, the Hyper is unfortunately quite difficult to use unless Tomomo is playing against tank characters, as many players will likely be in combat in the late-game. Problematically, the high level requirement is also the same level that a boss is spawned to the map, which makes it even more unlikely that the opponent will be at full health. The Hyper also does not really cause anything too impactful to happen, as it only slows the enemy down through KO, and does not reward stars or wins.

The Hyper is not without its uses however. If the player is lucky enough to KO all opponents with the card, Tomomo's next revive roll will be as low as Tomato's, enabling her to have a much higher chance of reviving instantly. The Hyper can also be used as a last-ditch effort to delay an opponent from reaching their home panel.

Perhaps the best aspect to the Hyper, however, is that its effect KOs the opponent rather than dealing damage. This means the effect will counter through the health increase of  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! and still KO the opponent, even if they are using  Solid Witch.