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Playing As Tomomo
  •  Gift Exchange and  Scrambled Eve allow Tomomo to easily disrupt card usage while not being affected by it as much since her amazing stat line makes her not reliant on cards.
  •  Bad Pudding,  Flamethrower, and  Present Thief can also be very helpful for Tomomo as they add more ways for her to disrupt players' hands, even though they aren't as reliable as Gift Exchange or Scrambled Eve
  •  Extend can be extremely useful for characters with an increased REC stat like Tomomo. The card will enable her to get past her main weakness of increased recovery time. However, if another player gets their hands on it, it's likely they will burn it for their own needs first, as it is nigh-universally useful.
  •  Sink or Swim can allow Tomomo to gain much more stars from a KO against a low HP target while the lowered stats doesn't matter as much since she will still have 1 ATK to reliably KO most 1 HP targets.
  •  Final Battle can be really good for Tomomo since the only characters she loses to on average if she goes first are Tequila, Store Manager and Sweet Eater if they are at full HP, so she can play it relatively safely for a KO that she desperately needs. She also is less likely to die to it being used against her than the likes of Marc and Kai against 1 ATK and lower.
  •  Saki's Cookie is a good option for keeping Tomomo's HP topped up from potential chip damage, while not being massively disruptive to her going for KOs. However, it still can be disruptive for her going for KOs, so its recommended only for more passive playstyles.
Playing Against Tomomo
  •  Shield,  Tactical Retreat, and  Shield Counter can be effective against Tomomo, as they can either reduce or prevent her from dealing damage. They also prevent her from using them aggressively for a safe fight since they must be used when defending.  Shield Counter is the best one against her since it guarantees escaping from her, and it will deal 2 damage to her to either scare her off of fighting for a while, or KO her and force her to wait out her 6 REC. However, it is best to avoid using it when she is at 2 or 1 HP if at all possible so that she doesn't revive at full HP while keeping all of her stars.
  •  Reverse Attribute Field,  Serious Battle, and  Poppoformation lower Tomomo's ATK, and makes her low HP become an even bigger problem for her.
  •  Dinner can be used to prevent Tomomo from KOing her target, or force her to heal everyone else when she wants to heal, which makes her 2 ATK less oppressive.
  •  Oh My Friend can be brutal against Tomomo, as it can stop her from gaining stars from encounter panels, and also makes it likely for her to die if she steps on a boss panel. It can also easily put a stop to her if she decided to go for wins norma.
  •  Pet Snacks similarly makes it harder for Tomomo to gain stars from  Encounter panels while increasing the chance that she takes a serious hit.
  •  We Are Waruda disturbs a part one of Tomomo's prime tactics, card control, by scrambling the position of any of her carefully-placed Trap cards. This allows more card-dependent characters like Marie Poppo and, most infamously, the Cuties, to facilitate getting an edge over her by holding onto potentially game changing options such as their respective Hypers.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Gift Exchange
 Lucky Sevens
 Scrambled Eve

 Bad Pudding
 Present Thief
 Saki's Cookie

 Brutal Prank
 Final Battle
 Gentleman's Battle
 Sink or Swim

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle
 Shield Counter

 Oh My Friend
 Pet Snacks
 Tactical Retreat
 We Are Waruda