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Miracle Red Bean Ice CreamMagical Revenge
Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream
Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream.png
+1 ATK while this card is held.
Tomomo (Casual): When played, turn into Tomomo (Sweet Eater) and fully restore HP.
Tomomo (Sweet Eater): When held, this card becomes Magical Revenge.
Discard upon use.
Hyper Info
30 ★
Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream Icon.png
"Miracle red bean ice cream!" ―Tomomo


Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater) has two Hypers, with one belonging to Tomomo (Casual) and one belonging to Tomomo (Sweet Eater). These Hypers will transform into each other depending on certain criteria.

Tomomo (Casual)'s Hyper is Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream. When this Gift card is held, the player will gain +1 ATK.
If multiple copies of Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream are held, the effect will stack. The player will gain +1 ATK for each stack of the effect.

When used, this card has varying effects depending on the character that uses it.

  • When this card is used by Tomomo (Casual), the player will transform into Tomomo (Sweet Eater) and fully restore HP.
  • When this card is used by any character other than Tomomo (Casual), this card will be discarded.
If this card is held by Tomomo (Sweet Eater), this card will transform into Magical Revenge.
When holding this card, a Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream Icon.png icon will hover around the player.

Tomomo (Sweet Eater)'s Hyper is Magical Revenge. When used, a total amount of damage equal to the difference between the player's maximum HP and their current HP will be dealt to any non-KO'd units except the player, with each point of damage being distributed at random. The damage will be dealt all at once. The player gains 1 Win for every unit KO'd by this effect.
If this card is held by any character other than Tomomo (Sweet Eater), this card will transform into Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream.


Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream is an extremely useful card with several perks, so targeting  Draw panels and using cards such as Nice Present and  Passionate Research is a priority when in Casual form and not already holding a Hyper. Once drawn, Tomomo has some flexibility in how to use it. If below Norma 3 or otherwise currently inclined to play passively, Tomomo can hold it for a passive ATK boost. If wanting to go on the offensive, Tomomo (Casual) can use it to transform into Tomomo (Sweet Eater). This is especially useful if Tomomo is at low HP, as the transformation also fully restores HP.  Price of Power can be used to transform early at Norma 2, but the 35 star cost makes this difficult.

Magical Revenge is a powerful but risky Hyper that is difficult to use opportunistically. The damage it can deal and the wins it can grant can be game-changing, but Tomomo (Sweet Eater) does not particularly like being at the low HP required to make use of it. One potential use is to use it to try and weaken a target before attacking them - this makes it more likely for Tomomo (Sweet Eater) to KO her target without getting counterattacked, but the random target selection of the Hyper makes it inconsistent in this regard. The Hyper can also be useful if Tomomo (Sweet Eater) is getting bullied by another player; it's likely that both players will be left at low HP from a single encounter, making it more likely for the Hyper to KO her attacker before they can attack again. This can buy her enough time to heal or complete a norma. If everyone on the board has taken heavy damage, it can potentially rack up multiple wins and put opponents out of commission for a time so that Tomomo can move freely. In any case, as Tomomo (Sweet Eater) discards her hand upon KO, there's little reason to hold off using the Hyper in such situations.  Forced Revival and  Sealed Guardian can be useful for bringing opponents to 1 HP where Magical Revenge only needs to hit once to score a KO, though the latter puts Tomomo (Sweet Eater) at risk of a KO herself.  Bloodlust will restore all missing HP when Magical Revenge is used, but Tomomo (Sweet Eater) should generally avoid cards that deal self damage as she is put in a highly disadvantageous state if KO'd.