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Total Rampage.jpg Total Rampage
Defeat Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty after 3 or more Rampage.

Total Rampage is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!



  • One way to obtain this achievement is to have a team with 3 Miusaki (preferably with 1 Dealer and 2 Avengers) and a Shifu Robot (Supporter). Shifu Robot can repeatedly suffer KO on purpose to build up hype and since he can instantly revive, he can heal others more often. Sora (Military) can also do the job well thanks to her auto-revive passive, but some care is required to not let her suffer KO from out-of-battle damage. Avenger Miusaki, with some proper support from Supporter and some proper cards, can tank most damage at ease, while the Dealer Miusaki gives out Solid Witch and other useful cards to others for better survival.
  • Some of the useful cards that can help during the fight:
    •  Forced Revival: Summer Beast will revive with only 1 HP. This basically means the boss will lose another life in one hit, which will significantly shorten the time it takes to defeat the boss if used continuously.
    •  Metallic Monocoque: Reduce all out-of-battle damage by 1, which can greatly help Avengers last longer before they have to use the From Beyond ability or cards for healing.


  • The requirements for this achievement were changed in Version 2.4. The change allowed for three uses of  Rampage (hyper difficulty) instead of five uses, decreasing the requirements for players who had not previously completed them.