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Trap Card
Tragedy in the Dead of Night.png
Discard a random card.
That card will go to the player who has set this card.
3 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Uncommon Card
"Such happiness will be snatched away just like that."

Tragedy in the Dead of Night is a 3-star trap card that steals a random card from the unit who lands on it and gives it to the player who set the trap.


At its core, Tragedy in the Dead of Night is basically an upgraded version of  Bad Pudding. Instead of removing the card from play, it gives the card to the player who set the trap. Depending on who lands on the trap, the outcome of this card varies wildly. At best, the player may steal another unit's hyper and be able to use it against them. At worst, someone with no cards can land on the trap or the player themselves can trigger it, effectively wasting it. The latter situation can make this card an effective tool for guarding one's  Home, as the trap only affects opponents and can potentially steal a norma-preventing trap card like  Go Away or  Sky Restaurant 'Pures' before the opponent can set it there.

Due to the random nature of its effect and being a trap card, Tragedy in the Dead of Night can be an inconsistent card. There are very few ways to influence who actually lands on it, outside of  Path Blockers or placing it on a  Home panel. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will steal a useful card from the victim's hand, if any at all.

Extra Info[]

  • Yuki (Dangerous) permanently converts pudding cards into Tragedy in the Dead of Night if they end up in her hand.
  • Having a card stolen from his hand does not cause Store Manager to take damage from his passive.


  • Prior to the 1.7 update, Tragedy in the Dead of Night was one of only two trap cards which costed five stars. The other was  Go Away. However, Tragedy in the Dead of Night is a level 3-and-onward card, whereas Go Away is a level 1-and-onward. A trap card put down for five stars early in the game was Go Away, while a trap card put down for five stars later in the game could be either. You could use this to try and deduce what trap it is. However, since the cost of all trap cards was changed to 0 in version 1.7, it is no longer possible.