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Stealth On
Stealth On.png
Effect Duration: 3 chapters.
Cannot be challenged to battle or targeted by Boost cards by other players.
Do not trigger Encounter or Boss panels.
Effect expires on entering battle.
Gain +2 ATK when entering battle.
Hyper Info
10 ★
"Look at me vanish!" ―Tsih


Tsih's Hyper is Stealth On. When used, the player becomes unable to be challenged by other units when they are met on the field. In addition, the player becomes unable to be targeted by Boost cards that bring up a prompt to select a unit. This effect lasts for 3 chapters, or until the player enters a battle. If the player enters a battle during this effect, they will gain +2 ATK during that battle.

The player is not able to be selected as a Boost card target under any circumstance, including self-targeting.


  • The following Boost cards cannot be used against the player while under the effects of Stealth On:
Standard Cards Hyper Cards
 Gentleman's Battle
 Long-Distance Shot
 Path Blockers
 Angel Hand
 Big Rocket Cannon
 Jonathan Rush
 Raging Madness
 Rocket Cannon
 Witch's Hair Lock
 x16 Big Rocket


Stealth On is a unique Hyper that provides the player with both a shield and a potentially lethal weapon. For a cheap price, the player can create a 3-chapter barrier that, while active, prevents them from being challenged to a battle when another player passes. As to be expected, this can be particularly helpful in cementing victory or temporarily warding off pursuing opponents. The Hyper also prevents the player from being targeted by Boost cards that select a specific character to target, which can be particularly useful against some Hypers. However, the card's second effect is perhaps its most powerful. An extra +2 ATK in battle can have a substantial effect on the outcome. Likewise, the Hyper's stealth effect may cause a pursuing opponent to pass the player, allowing the player to attack them with the stat boost. Given that Tsih can already gain +2 ATK from holding a Gift card, pairing the Hyper with her passive will give Tsih a massive gain of +4 ATK during the next battle that can often easily overpower opponents.

However, like any Hyper, Stealth On carries a few key downsides that greatly weaken its usefulness. Similar to  Solid Witch, there are numerous holes in the shield generated by the Hyper, mainly those which are a result of indirect effects. While opponents cannot enter combat with the player by challenging them on the field, they can enter it indirectly through certain card effects. Cards such as  Invasion,  Whimsical Windmill, and  Assault among others will still result in combat. Likewise, Boost cards that target players but do not bring up a prompt to select an opponent will still work when the Hyper is active. Thus, cards such as  Ambush,  Treasure Thief, and  Flip Out will still work. Likewise, Boost-type Hyper cards that affect other units without targeting them, such as  Blazing! or  Special Stage will still occur.