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Ultimate Weapon Girl is a Character Song Pack composed for 100% Orange Juice!, it was released alongside Sora & Sham (Cuties) Character Pack on June 25th, 2019. The album consists of 5 different versions of the original song "Ultimate Weapon Girl".

The song itself is written by Hono with DEKU as the its composer. The vocals are sung by Sham (Fukuyama Saori) and Sora (Maruyama Miki).[1]


During Tokyo Game Show 2018, Fruitbat Factory's lead programmer, Tony Blomqvist, casually mentions the character song pack as a joke to Fruitbat Factory founder, Jakke Elonen, but Jakke Elonen took it seriously and discussed the logistics of turning the idea into reality. Miki Maruyama, the voice actor of Sora and Marie Poppo, was cosplaying as Sora at Fruitbat Factory's booth that year. During the event, Tony Blomqvist asks Miki Maruyama if she is interested in singing, to which she enthusiastically on board for. In the following week, Fruitbat Factory pitched the idea to Orange_Juice and they were willing to give it a try.

DEKU, the composer for the SUGURI/Sora soundtracks, was excited about this opportunity and provided samples of the song over the winter, one of these samples was chosen to be developed further. Fukuyama Saori, the voice actor of Sham, has a background of singing and songwriting and she helped Hono with the song's lyrics, turning it into a fully-fledged idol song.

In April of 2019, after hearing Miki Maruyama sing as Sora, Jakke Elonen had an idea to have a Poppo version of the song, since Miki Maruyama also voices Marie Poppo. Miki Maruyama overhears Jakke Elonen and Hono discussing this and enthusiastically agrees to do it. Even though the request came at a short notice and with no script, Miki Maruyuma completes the song in one flawless take.[2]

Track List[]

No. Name Length
1 Ultimate Weapon Girl 4:19
2 Ultimate Weapon Girl (Sora Version) 4:19
3 Ultimate Weapon Girl (Sham Version) 4:19
4 Ultimate Weapon Girl (Instrumental) 4:19
5 Ultimate Weapon Girl (Bonus Track) 1:46
  1. Due to the fact that Ultimate Weapon Girl, unlike the rest of 100% Orange Juice!'s music, is composed of commercial music and not royalty free music, the songs will not be played on 100% Orange Juice Wiki.


Ultimate Weapon Girl



Despite being a standalone album, shortened versions of Ultimate Weapon Girl can be played and listened to in 100% Orange Juice! by using  Special Stage. The version of the song is dependent on which character used the card. The songs can also be listened to in the Sound Test Gallery.

  • Ultimate Weapon Girl is played for Cuties. It is listed in the Gallery as Cuties 2.
  • Ultimate Weapon Girl (Bonus Track) is played for Marie Poppo and Marie Poppo (Mixed). It is listed in the Gallery as Cuties 4.
  • Ultimate Weapon Girl (Instrumental) is played for all other characters. It is listed in the Gallery as Cuties 3.