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Someone who uploads lots of game assets to this wiki. I wrote most of the game pages too, so if there's any grammar errors please forgive me!!! I like Orange_Juice games but dislike bullet hells. They are the bane of my existence, so it's a never ending spiral of love and hate, looking at you Suguri Stage 4. If you need some assets for some reason, hit me up on Discord Jonjon#3884. I can also do other games but XMS Shooting things are out of my reach.

Don't ask me about coding like Javascript, CSS and all that tho, my advice would probably wreck the site.


All the cool kids are listing their sandboxes! I gotta keep up!

  • Lore Project[]

    Kyupita.png Teotoratta.png Alicianrone.png Chris.png QP (Dangerous).png Tomato & Mimyuu.png Ceoreparque.png Miusaki.png Yuki (Dangerous).png Yuuki.png Hime (Moonlight).png Suguri (Ver.2).png QP.png Store Manager.png Sweet Breaker.png Syura.png Yuki.png Sora & Sham (Cuties).png Suguri (46 Billion Years).png Suguri.png Kyousuke.png Mei.png Natsumi.png Nico.png Star Breaker.png Shifu Robot.png Saki.png Chicken.png Kiriko.png Krilalaris.png Sora.png Tsih.png Halena.png Sumika.png Robo Ball.png NoName (Normal & Head).png Aru (Scramble).png Arthur.png Nath.png Sora (Military).png Malt.png Maynie.png Mio.png Nanako.png Kyoko.png Aru.png Mira.png Sham.png Islay.png Fernet (Noble).png Cook.png Ellie.png Tomomo.png Kae.png Iru.png Alte.png Fernet.png Sherry.png Tequila.png Mescal.png Arnelle.png Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater).png Marie Poppo.png Hime.png Random Character Marc.png Peat.png Seagull.png Lone Rider.png Lulu.png Marie Poppo (Mixed).png Kai.png Random Character Random Character Marc (Pilot).png Flying Castle.png Merchant.png

    Current Questions:[]

    • What should we do about dual characters
      • Example: Tomato & Mimyuu and Cuties
    • What infobox image should we use for Flying Red Barrel characters
      • FRB dialogue circle or 100% OJ Art?
    • Does Aru and Aru (Scramble) count as separate characters since they're from different universes
      • Other alts will have a redirect, so for example Suguri (46 Billion Years) lore page will just redirect to regular Suguri's lore page
    • Should we include Midnight Pleasure and 100% Fruit Juice to appearances
      • This is mainly for Chris and Store Manager

    Other Things to do[]

    • Get someone to translate Christmas Shooting Got Acy Factory's permission to use their translation!
      • Find the time to suffer through Christmas Shooting for screenshots
      • Get True Ending? translated
    • Redo some of the older hairs, recent ones are done using new method that makes them almost a perfect match. Hope all of them are updated now.
    • Get the newer pets added into here.
      • redo slime pet since it was updated
        • Set up a proper "Gallery" page for pets
    • Make a draft for a page on Orange_Juice and maybe also Shindenken
      • Find some credible info on them first
    • Make the dialogue face thingies for all the characters not currently made by FBF
      • Suguri and Hime (Winter)
      • Nath
      • Tequila and Minion
      • All the pigs
      • Any others i'm forgetting
    • Make a Crimson Barrel Page???
    • add remove lone rider

    My Greatest Creations[]

    200% Mixed Juice Alternate Ending
    Sora vs S. Breaker
    QP vs Ace of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Fighting Club
    100% Orange Juice - Lone Rider Character & Card Pack Trailer
    Flying Red Bunny ~ The Diary of a Little Santa ~ - Final Stage
    Flying Crimson Barrel