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Former full-time leader of the wiki- the one whom they call "Wikiaman" and "OJ Wiki Updates~". Mostly retired, but still editing periodically when I feel like it. Mostly distanced myself from the community due to being to easily distracted but I still can be reached by different methods. I retired from my position due to focusing much more on university and a mix of feelings such as ostracization, a general lack of satisfaction toward the overall community, and the stress involved with keeping the wiki growing. That said, I am proud of what the wiki team has achieved, the progress other admins and bureaucrats have made, and the continued effort put into the site by the small number of staff. The wiki started as nothing and now sees constant general use, as can be seen on the Steam discussion boards. Perhaps one day it can finally be completed and will actually grow a large population of editors. I am always welcome to new editors, especially if you put forth your best effort.


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