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Hey there, I'm WindowsGuyJim! I'm a regular editor and admin of the 100% Orange Juice Wiki! Some of the work I'm known for includes uploading the wiki's voice files, contributing knowledge of OJ's mechanics and technical workings, and helping maintain the wiki's technical components.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to message me on Discord or my talk page. If you need my bot to do something, make a request in a public location (such as the #wiki-feedback Discord channel).


Any substantial edits that need peer reviewing will be listed here. Feel free to contribute to these pages!

Ongoing Projects[]

Things around the wiki that I'm actively working on will be listed here in order of importance. Check the wiki to-do list for known significant issues.



  • Create new NPC categories.
  • Update the top navigation links. See below for the current draft. (The draft mainly needs improvements to the Characters menu.)
* Characters
** Character Shop|Playable Characters
** Downloadable Content|DLC
** Category:NPCs|NPCs
*** Co-op Bosses

* |Cards
** Card Packs
*** Base Pack
*** Expansion Pack
*** Mixed Booster Pack
*** Acceleration Pack
*** Community Pack 1
*** Community Pack 2
*** Pudding Pack
*** Community Pack 3
** Category:Hyper cards|Hypers
** Cards/Cards List|Full Card List

* |Gameplay
** Game Mechanics|Game Modes & Mechanics
*** Introduction|Normal
*** Co-op Overview|Co-op
*** Bounty Hunt Overview|Bounty Hunt
** Events
*** Fool's Gambit
*** Retired Events
** Campaign
** Boards List|Fields

* |Unlocks
** Collectibles
** Steam Achievements|Achievements


  • Deprecate monthly CSS stylesheets. Our new intent is to tie seasonal themes to the current event instead of the current month. Any non-seasonal parts of the CSS should be migrated from the relevant monthly CSS to Common.css and Fandomdesktop.css; this will help reduce load times and avoid display issues caused by overzealous ad blockers.
  • Review and update active JavaScript and Widget code. (Note: widgets are unable to be edited until further notice.)



  • Update the appearance of portable infoboxes.
  • Create a successor to Template:Ambox with an updated appearance.
  • Unify Template:Tabber and its variants, and change its usage to substitution.
  • Deprecate Template:Icons.
    • As of January 2022, the only mainspace pages that remain to be processed are three Campaign-related pages, which are to be merged at a later time.
    • If you miss the padlock icons, try this script instead.
  • Rewrite Daily Challenges.

Reference Materials[]