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Hey there, I'm WindowsGuyJim! I'm a regular editor of the OJ Wiki and a moderator of the OJ R&D Discord. You may know me as the guy who uploads the voice packs, but I also contribute knowledge of OJ's mechanics and technical workings. If you have any questions for me, feel free to message me on Discord.

Before anyone asks, yes I know about the new character and it'll probably be a while before I can update my mods. Sorry about that.


Any substantial edits that need peer reviewing will be listed here. Feel free to contribute to these pages!

Ongoing Projects[]

  • Update Pig Hearts page to the latest standard.
  • FandomDesktop stuff:
    • Update most of the infobox templates to the new PortableInfobox format.
    • Update the top navigation links (not sure if Sidebar or Wiki-navigation is better to use).
    • See the wiki to-do list for other stuff.

Voice Lines[]

  • Add uncategorized files to the Voice files category. This will take a while since there are 10,000+ files to comb through. I'm hoping to set up a bot or something for this.
  • Keep the voice packs up to date as needed.

Reference Materials[]