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This page documents any versions of 100% Orange Juice! that precede 1.2.5, or are trial/beta versions. Some information has been commented out and can be viewed with the source editor. Please use the talk page to discuss future migration to the wiki mainspace.
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Version 1.0 (Trial)

A demo version was released on an undetermined date.[1]

This trial version has the following restrictions and differences:

Version 1.0b

Version 1.0b was released on an undetermined date.[2]
Patch Notes (EN)
  • Fixed a bug where the field event "Random Warp" moved players to the wrong location in online matches.
  • Fixed a bug where the effect of Extraordinary Specs was not applied to Defend/Evade dice.
  • Fixed a bug where the "connect word" used in online matches was incorrectly generated.
  • Fixed a bug that was not found in version 1.0a.
Patch Notes (JP)

Version 1.0c

Version 1.0c was released on September 10th, 2013.[3]
  • Release version

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 was released to the Fruitbat Factory website on October 2nd, 2013.[4]
  • Fixed a crash issue when counterattacked by monsters in Free Play
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Fixed descriptions for Blue Crow the Second and Marie Poppo
  • Added 100orange_debug.exe - players encountering repeated issues may use this .exe to run the game and upon a problem post debug.log on Fruitbat Factory forums for assistance (http://forum.fruitbatfactory.com/)

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 was released to the Fruitbat Factory website on November 5th, 2013.[5]
  • Fixed a multiplayer desynch issue with Tragedy in the Dead of night card
  • Disabled use of CTRL key in multiplayer
  • Clients now run at the speed of the Server in multiplayer

Steam Release

Version 1.2 was released to Steam on May 16th, 2014.[6]
Wiki note: This version does not have a formal patch note reference. Changes are noted below on a best-effort basis.
  • Added HD support (supports up to 1440x900 resolution).
  • Added a Single Player option to Free Play.
  • Reworked multiplayer to use Steam lobbies, instead of the previous peer-to-peer connection.
  • Added online level system: play multiplayer games to gain experience points. When you have enough experience, you'll level up! Your current level is shown in lobbies and the shop.
  • Added player statistics: your total multiplayer wins are shown in lobbies, and leaderboards are available in Steam.
  • Added discounts and playable versions of the  Encounter panel enemies to the shop. You can unlock them for purchase by increasing your online level.
  • Added achievements and trading cards.

Hotfix 1

A hotfix was released on May 17th, 2014.[7]
Wiki note: This hotfix has no published patch notes. Information on changes will be added here when found.

Steam Demo

A demo version was released to Steam on May 27th, 2014.[8]

This trial version has the following restrictions and differences:

  • Only Kai can be selected at first.
  • Only some episodes can be played in the campaign.
  • Free Play cannot be selected.

Version 3.8 (Beta)

A beta build was released on August 6th, 2021.[9]

The promised co-op beta is now live!

To participate, go to the properties of 100% Orange Juice in your Steam Library, then BETAS page -> select "beta - Public Beta" from the dropdown menu.

Progress in the beta version is separate from your main save and will not interfere with that when you return to the normal game build.

There are a number of changes to role mechanics, boss abilities, characters and more, and more will likely be made during the beta.

This update is the result of going through the earlier co-op survey to identify the areas which players were dissatisfied it, and make the mode a more pleasant and balanced experience across the board, for all bosses, roles, and characters.

The beta will run at least until August 15, and depending on feedback possibly longer.

We hope to get lots of feedback on the changes!

Full beta changes[10]


  • Players can now check daily challenges on the Deck screen.
  • Players can now customize CPUs allies in co-op, as well as cpu opponents in single player custom games in all game modes.
  • New feature added: hovering over a unit on the field shows their HP and can be clicked to bring up their stock info plate.
  • New feature added: KO'd units now show their current REC value, and star cost to revive if applicable.
  • Fixed CPU Teotoratta discarding her Hyper cards.
  • Gentleman's Battle can now be used in Co-op and be used to target full HP enemies.
  • Unlocking Mio now requires defeating Extreme RoPoChi instead of Hyper RoPoChi.


  • Devil Hand now deals damage rather than reducing HP in co-op.
  • Added Burn Out passive to Kae, Shifu Robot and Sora (Military) in Co-op: Add "Burn Out" effect on KO. For each stock, increase REC by 1. and delay recovery 1 turn for each stack. 1 stack expires every 5 chapters.
  • Shifu Robot now starts and revives after 2 turns with 2 HP in co-op.
Dev note: we're aiming to fix the characters that are considered, for various reasons, to be so good at certain tactics that they make it non-optimal to play any other compositions. At the same time, we're implementing various changes to the roles and bosses so that such "broken" unit compositions aren't required to fight the bosses either. The goal is that you can play your favorite character without worries (as long as the overall group composition makes any sense).
  • Sweet Breaker has a new Hyper in co-op: ★Cost: Stars / 10. Scramble boss' current hand order. Inflicts Melting Memories to all enemies. Effect Duration: 3 Chapters. Effect expires on KO.
  • Sweet Breaker has a new passive in co-op: When battling a unit under the effects of Melting Memories, gain +1 to ATK, DEF and EVD.
  • Beast Witch has a new effect in co-op: Prevent star loss caused by a Boss or its minions. Discard this card if this effect is triggered.
  • Teotoratta's Dealer Rank adjusted from A to D
  • Fernet's Air Support co-op hyper changed to Air Strike: Every enemy receives 1 to 2 damage. Gain 15 stars on every KO.
  • Fernet's Support adjusted from E to C and Dealer rating adjusted from E to A.
  • Miusaki's passive updated in co-op: When using Defend in battle, never take more than than half your max HP in damage at once (rounded up).
  • Suguri ver. 2's Guardian rank reduced from A to D.


  • Boss ability preview now shows up to next 3 turns of Boss actions.
Dev note: this is one of the biggest meta level changes in this update. The goal is to give players more tactical control by being able to prepare for upcoming disasters.
  • Big the Jonathan's Dive no longer destroys home panels.
  • Big Poppo now shares the star pool with the Boss.
  • Players will now be rewarded 100 stars from defeating Big Poppo.
  • M10's Attack Down ability is now Level 3.
  • M10's Health Down ability is now Level 2.
  • Big the Haruo's chicken minions start with 10 stars.
  • Big the Haruo's Hen Pecked now deals damage equal to boss level only.
  • Added a new Level 2 card for Big the Haruo: Chicken Run. Effect Duration: 2 Chapters. All minions on the field will gain +2 MOV and +1 EVD.
  • Big the Haruo: Clarified descriptions for Final Warning and Savage Talons.
  • M10's Rumble passive no longer increases ATK per encounter.
  • M10's shield value is now displayed on the HUD.
  • M10's EMP no longer affects players who weren't damaged by it.
  • M10: Added debuff icons to better show when units are affected negatively.
  • Star Devourer's passive adjusted to give +1 Damage per 300 stars rather than 200.
  • Star Devourer: Star Mania no longer scales by Boss Lvl.
  • RoPoChi: Big Po's Special stock effects lowered from 3 to 2.
  • RoPochi: Refined Talons now deals damage equal to target HP instead of outright KO.
  • Summer Beast: Rampage no longer increases boss max HP, but has "gain Boss Lvl x 1 HP".


  • Role Hypers are now unlocked at level 10 (up from 5) and role special abilities (except Avenger) are now unlocked at level 5 (down from 10).
  • Removed HP cost on using Protect (Guardian).
  • Guardian Spirit now lasts 2 chapters (Guardian).
  • Guardian now has a new passive that allows a high enough Defense roll to reduce damage down to 0.
  • Protect no longer gets removed unless the player was hit (Guardian)
  • Unforgiving Avenger now revives players with full HP.
  • Changed Avenger's From Beyond ability to be unlocked from the start.
  • Demand now works on Goo panels.
  • Deal can now be used to give cards to KO'd allies.
  • Attacker role Hyper cost reduced to 10 stars.


  • Sunset CO: Added 2 entry-only Warp Move panels close to the main loop to make it easier to access the other sides.
  • Treasure Island CO: Changed dead-end Warp panels to Warp Move panels to avoid a scenario where Summer Beast might use Hide and Seek on exit-only Warp panels.
  • Tomomo's Abyss CO is no longer unable to be selected by those who didn't finish Master of the Minions.

Work in Progress

  • Translated defines are not up to date.

Version 3.8 (Beta) Update 1

A beta build was released on August 8th, 2021.[11]
  • Allowed players to pick which card to Deal, and to which teammate.
  • Deal now requires you have 3 cards in your hand.
  • Burn Out is now only applied to Sora (Military) if she is KO'd through battle.
  • Disabled hovering over characters for the tooltip when discarding cards.
  • Disabled clicking on units when your character is not idle.
  • Added missing deck for Suguri Ver.2.
  • Hammered Tomato's twin to give space for Mimyuu
  • Changed Iron Defense to be an in battle skill. Has a 6 turn cooldown.
  • Fixed Miusaki taking 2 max damage when defending at 5 max HP.
  • Updated effect description for Star Devourer's Star Mania.

Version 3.8 (Beta) Update 2

A beta build was released on August 19th, 2021.[12]
  • Fixed Fernet's Co-op hyper not setting damage properly.
  • Adjusted Chicken Run duration.
  • Fixed Call of the Chicken playing Roost.
  • Fixed Dive not appearing on incoming card list.
  • Fixed damage panels showing players on attack pose.
  • Added Co-op variant of Miusaki's unit card.
  • Fixed Summer Beast losing upcoming cards when KO'd.
  • Fixed "draw card" boss abilities not executing the upcoming ability.
  • Updated description for Deal.
  • Updated description for Rampage's stock effect.
  • Updated description for Melting Memories' stock effect.
  • Polished description for units with Burn Out.
  • Made Burn Out apply on revive instead so that it doesn't affect the first KO.
  • Made CPU take difficulty into consideration when playing Melting Memories.
  • Improved CPU logic for which path to pick in Co-op.
  • Updated CPU logic to take into account any additional damage and damage reduction effects when picking battles.
  • Made CPUs not play cards when Temptation is active.
  • Added Field Background Luminosity option in the config.
  • Fixed AoE preview not updating when using Melting Memories in Co-op.
  • Added 1 chapter cooldown to Protect.
  • Iron Defense cooldown lowered from 6 to 3 chapters.
  • Added cooldown display for Iron Defense.
  • Updated Rival so that you can target Big the Jonathan while he's launched.
  • Adjusted boss queue so that next card cooldown gets updated. properly when an ability that draws a new card from a deck is used
  • Fixed Natsumi healing when there's a KO'd minion on her panel.

Version 3.8 (Beta) Update 3

A beta build was released on August 19th, 2021.[13]
  • Fixed beta saves being all kinds of messed up.

Version 3.8 (Beta) Update 4

A beta build was released on August 19th, 2021.[14]
  • Fixed missing cooldown icons for Guardian abilities.
  • Prototypes of several new co-op fields have been added. Currently only available on normal difficulty.