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The Online mode of 100% Orange Juice! allows players to join multiplayer matches over the Steam network.

Lobbies[edit | edit source]

A lobby is a virtual representation of the connection between players. Each lobby has 8 member slots (4 players + 4 spectators); the player in the first member slot is generally referred to as the lobby host.

Joining[edit | edit source]

Creating[edit | edit source]

The player may choose to create a new lobby instead of joining one. Clicking the Create button on the Connect screen will take the player to the Lobby Config screen. In addition to the standard match settings (game mode, map, field events), the player can name their lobby, adjust the game speed and turn timer settings, and optionally set a password. The player can then click the OK button to create the lobby. All settings may be further adjusted by the lobby host after the lobby is created.

Invites[edit | edit source]

As an alternative to searching for a particular lobby, players can be invited to a lobby using the Rich Presence feature of the Steam and Discord desktop clients. Invites work on desktop only (not on mobile or web), and include all information needed to connect to a lobby except for the lobby password.

Before sending an invite, the player must enable Rich Presence in the game's configuration, as well as in Discord if applicable. (See this help article for information about Rich Presence in Discord.) After Rich Presence is enabled, the player may create a lobby (see above) and send the invite using either of the following methods:

  • Inviting a Steam friend is as simple as clicking the small arrow next to the friend's name in the player's friend list, and then choosing "Invite to Lobby" in the popup menu.
  • On Discord, the plus button on the left side of the message box will change to show a small green icon. Clicking the button reveals the option to invite the currently-selected channel to play 100% Orange Juice!. Once the invite is sent, anyone viewing the channel can click the big green "Join" button to join the lobby.
  • Inviting a friend through Steam.
  • Inviting players through Discord.

Chat[edit | edit source]

Chat Example.png

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

To begin a match, each person in a player slot (other than the host) must click the "Ready" button to indicate they are ready to begin. When all players are ready, the host can click the "Begin" button to begin the match. All players go to their own Deck Builder screen to select a character and cards to bring to the match.

When Co-op mode is selected, two additional interface elements are added to the lobby. First, an InfoIcon.png icon is displayed below each player's avatar; hovering the pointer over this icon displays the player's role levels. Second, the Deck Builder screen displays the characters, roles, and role levels being selected by the other players.

Character Changes[edit | edit source]

To prevent complete character bias, online play makes adjustments to some character stats. Currently, only one character is adjusted this way:

  • Tomomo: Tomomo has 2 less max HP and 1 less EVD. This change is indicated by the addition of passive text to Tomomo's unit card.

Timer[edit | edit source]

Online matches are usually timed to discourage long periods of waiting. Timed matches feature a timer as an additional HUD element when waiting for a player's action; if time runs out, the CPU will act on the player's behalf. The lobby host can configure the turn timer in the lobby's settings, or in the game's configuration. There are four types of actions that prompt the timer:

  • The Deck Builder screen is timed for public lobbies, regardless of the timer setting. All players are given approximately 90 seconds to choose their character and 10-card deck. If a player is not ready when time runs out, a random 10-card deck is constructed for the player.
  • When the player is not KO'd, their turn is timed according to the timer setting (either 30, 60, or 90 seconds, or turned off). The timer is increased when the player activates a  Move or  Warp Move panel, and paused during Playground Minigames or between the player's actions in battle.
  • When the player is KO'd, they are given 20 seconds to roll for recovery. This does not apply if turn timers are off.
  • When the player is challenged to battle outside of their turn, they are given 40 seconds to complete all of their actions in that battle. This does not apply if turn timers are off.

If a player times out during their turn three times, the player will be automatically ejected from the lobby. The empty player slot will be controlled by the CPU until control is given to a spectator.

Desync[edit | edit source]

Desync is a condition where the game state differs between players due to an error in the network connection. Desync is uncommon, but is more likely to occur with a poor connection between players. The effects of desync can vary greatly, but the most common effect is a soft lock.

A soft lock usually happens when one player's game is on a different turn than the other player's games. (For example, Player 1's game is waiting for Player 2 to take their turn, but Player 2's game is waiting for Player 1 to take their turn.) If turn timers are enabled, the player will appear to time out, but won't have their turn taken over by the CPU (since the CPU's decisions are sent from the player who times out). To recover from a soft lock, the player who sees a different situation than the other players needs to leave the lobby and try to re-join.

Experience and Level[edit | edit source]


After finishing an online match, the player earns bonus Stars Icon.pngStars as in any match, and also earns online experience points (XP). The amount of XP earned is 1.2 times the amount of bonus stars earned, plus an indeterminate amount when playing with higher-level players.[citation needed] All earned XP is accumulated in a running total in the player's Steam stats.[note 1]

The player's online level starts at 1, increasing as XP is accumulated. The total amount of XP needed to reach online level L is calculated by . For example, reaching online level 4 requires 700 + 800 + 900 = 2400 XP. The online level is displayed toward the upper-left corner of the player plate in lobbies, and also on screens where it is relevant (such as the Shop).

Level Experience Needed Level Experience Needed
1 700 14 18900
2 1500 15 21000
3 2400 16 23200
4 3400 17 25500
5 4500 18 27900
6 5700 19 30400
7 7000 20 33000
8 8400 21 35700
9 9900 22 38500
10 11500 23 41400
11 13200 24 44400
12 15000 25 47500
13 16900

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Aside from XP, a large number of rewards either require playing online matches, or are more quickly progressed by playing online matches.

Level-Based Unlocks[edit | edit source]

As the online level increases, several items are either unlocked for free or made available for purchase in the shop. Raising the online level is the only requirement for being able to purchase each item. For all items that can be purchased this way (except for boards) this is the only way to obtain each item.

Level Unlocked for Free Added to Shop
3 10 Off Icon.png Discount
4 Pudding Chase shop icon.png Pudding Chase
Christmas Miracle shop icon.png Christmas Miracle
Planet Earth shop icon.png Planet Earth
Lagoon Flight shop icon.png Lagoon Flight
6 Chickenhead.png Chicken
8 Warfare shop icon.png Warfare
10 Pink Plate Border
Black Plate Border
20 Off Icon.png Discount
12 Highway Heist shop icon.png Highway Heist
15 Roboballhead.png Robo Ball
16 Sealed Archive shop icon.png Sealed Archive
20 Sunset shop icon.png Sunset
30 Off Icon.png Discount
24 Tomomo's Abyss shop icon.png Tomomo's Abyss
25 Teal Plate Border Seagullhead.png Seagull
Teal Icon.pngTeal color
28 Vortex shop icon.png Vortex
Sweet Heaven shop icon.png Sweet Heaven
30 Store Managerhead.png Store Manager
32 Frost Cave shop icon.png Frost Cave
35 ShifuRobothead.png Shifu Robot
36 Treasure Island shop icon.png Treasure Island
Treasure Island (Night) shop icon.png Treasure Island (Night)
40 Flying Castlehead.png Flying Castle
Witch Forest shop icon.png Witch Forest
44 Santa's Workshop shop icon.png Santa's Workshop
50 Purple Plate Border Scarred Land shop icon.png Scarred Land
Purple Icon.pngPurple color
75 Silver Plate Border Silver Icon.pngSilver color
99 Bullet🍊 - Sora Plate Background
Bullet🍊 - Marc Plate Background
Bullet🍊 - QP Plate Background
Bullet🍊 - Suguri Plate Background
100 Red and Blue Plate Border Red and Blue Icon.pngRed and Blue color

Currency[edit | edit source]

Oranges Icon.pngOranges are typically earned from completing online matches in any game mode. In most modes, the number of oranges earned is based on how the player is ranked at the end of the match. In Co-op mode, the number of oranges earned is based on several factors unique to Co-op. In Bounty Hunt mode, orange rewards are increased by +50%.

Ranking Reward Reward
(Bounty Hunt)
1st 10 Oranges Icon.png 15 Oranges Icon.png
2nd 8 Oranges Icon.png 12 Oranges Icon.png
3rd 7 Oranges Icon.png 10 Oranges Icon.png
4th 6 Oranges Icon.png 9 Oranges Icon.png

If the player has any Exchange Coupon.pngExchange Coupons, completing an online match will exchange one coupon for 3 Arcade Token.pngArcade Tokens. Unlike all other online-based rewards, the coupon-to-token exchange does not require playing with other human players, but does require playing in a lobby.

Historically, event-exclusive currency could only be earned from online matches, or was earned in much greater amounts compared to single-player matches. This has since changed so that online and single-player have identical progression.

Daily Challenges[edit | edit source]

Progress toward Daily Challenges can only be obtained in online matches. Additionally, Oranges Icon.pngOranges and other rewards from completed challenges can only be redeemed in online matches.

Random Drops[edit | edit source]

Several cosmetics have a random chance to be received after finishing an online game in any mode. The random drop chance is determined independently for each cosmetic type, meaning it is possible to receive multiple random drops from a single game.

Name Status Unlock Method
Pink Icon.pngPink color Non-Seasonal Received for a random character.
Black Icon.pngBlack color Non-Seasonal Received for a random character.
Hair Color 2 Non-Seasonal Received for a random character.
Hair Color 3 Non-Seasonal Received for a random character.
Hair Color 4 Non-Seasonal Received for a random character.
Brown AntlersBrown Antlers Non-Seasonal Received for the currently played character.
Red AntlersRed Antlers Non-Seasonal Received for the currently played character.
Eyeglasses Icon.pngEyeglasses Non-Seasonal Received for a random character.

Historically, event-exclusive random drops could only be earned from online matches, or had a much greater chance to be earned compared to single-player matches. This has since changed so that online and single-player have identical progression.

Specific Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Name Status Unlock Method
Hair Color 2 Non-Seasonal Received for the currently played character upon playing any combination of 10 games, with the 10th or later game being online.
Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo color Seasonal As Marie Poppo, use  Ubiquitous to steal 900 stars. Online games give triple progress.
Halloween Outfit Icon.pngHalloween Outfit color
Jack o'Lantern Icon.pngJack o'Lantern
Non-Seasonal Unlocked in the shop upon playing 20 games with the Black Icon.pngBlack color. Online games give double progress.
Dapper Poppo Icon.pngDapper Poppo color Seasonal As Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo, KO 9 Boss units in Normal mode games. Online games give triple progress. Requires unlocking the Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo color.
Tuxedo Poppo Icon.pngTuxedo Poppo color Seasonal As Cyborg Poppo Icon.pngCyborg Poppo, KO 36 units who are wearing a Poppo Mask Icon.pngPoppo Mask. Online games give triple progress. Requires unlocking the Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo color, Dapper Poppo Icon.pngDapper Poppo color, and Cyborg Poppo Icon.pngCyborg Poppo color.


  1. Total XP cannot be viewed normally in Steam. However, it can be displayed by third party tools such as SteamDB, under the API name STAT_PLAYER_EXP.