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Hello!~ I'm Zomoroko (previously known as Jaspersprite), also known as Zoey throughout 100% Orange Juice, Discord, and Steam. I'm an admin and bureaucrat of the wiki who has been editing since July 30, 2018. I'm a super big fan of 100% Orange Juice and all Orange_Juice games, and when I love something I like collecting as much information about it as I can. That's why I'm happy to be able to work on the Wiki!!~ :D I want to share my enjoyment of Orange Juice by helping people learn as much as they can about it.

That said, feel free to contact me on my talk page if you have any questions about Orange Juice or the wiki; I'm happy to help!! ^u^ You can also contact me on Steam or Discord (info for those places can be found here).

If I ever undo/alter any of your edits and you wish to talk to me about this, feel free to post a new topic on my talk page or on the discussion page of the page in question. I'm always happy to explain myself and discuss the matter further~



  • Feel free to edit any of my sandboxes as if they were regular pages!~

    Wiki Revision Drafts (In-progress)

    These sandboxes are in-progress projects, intended to either be eventually transferred directly to the mainspace, or used as testing for major revamps to mainspace pages.

    Wiki Revision Drafts (Crossed-out)

    These sandboxes have either been already integrated into the mainspace or dropped.

    Other Sandboxes

    For testing, self-reference, personal projects, etc. These pages are not planned to be transferred to the mainspace, but there is a possibility that the info within the pages may eventually be integrated into the wiki in some form.

  • To-Do List

    Notice: In order to focus my efforts, I will only be working on certain areas of the wiki at a time. This means I will not (or only very rarely) be editing any parts of the wiki that are not part of the area I'm currently focused on. This does not count adding content in response to new updates and events, which I will still be doing.

    Current Focus

    • Finish Shop/Currency revamp
      • Shop
      • Currency
    • Finish and fully implement VoiceLineTable, updating Voice Lines pages to the new standard
    • Update card pages to the new standard/Card mechanics revamp
      • Hyper cards
      • Card pack cards
      • List of effects page/effect categories
    • Game Lore project
  • Cosmetics/Collectibles To-Do

    • Add new/returning/future rewards to event pages
    • Update all accessory & color pages to the new standard
    • Missing collectibles pages
    • Major revamps to cosmetics pages
      • Color Packs
      • Dice
      • Homemarks
      • Costumes
    • Add Unlocks tab to character pages
    • Phase out "30% Off" sections
    • Create images for Collectibles buttons
      • Pets
      • Player Plate
      • Gallery
  • Version History To-Do

    • Cleanup version history pages
    • Update Trivia pages for all characters
      • Card appearances
      • Patch notes
    • Add changelogs to Event pages
    • Move Update History of characters to Info tab
  • Cards/Effects To-Do

    • Stock Effects page
    • Co-op versions of cards
      • Hyper cards/Mode Changes pages
      • Standard cards
      • Revamp Hyper card pages to function as standalone pages
    • Apply Template:MiniCard to co-op boss cards
  • Miscellaneous To-Do

    • Finish creating Event pages
      • Make categories for Event pages
        • Make global counter categories
      • Make "Overview" sections consistent
      • Add new Events/Event Calendar page (low priority)
    • Cleanup campaign pages
    • Create needed Board pages
      • Cleanup Board pages
    • Create needed achievement pages
      • Cleanup achievement pages
    • Minions infobox
    • Boss deck behavior
    • Tweak Minions infobox some more
    • Boards page revamp
      • Add intro Versions to boards pages
      • Past board layouts
    • Add glasses and extra colors to respective infoboxes
    • Revamp enemy & boss pages
      • Add/separate missing enemy/boss pages (Pirate Crew, Big Poppo Co-op, etc.)
    • Announcer voices
    • Revamp character info pages
    • Campaign page images
    • Mushroom page
    • Campaign page revamp
    • Arcade minigames
    • Update mainspace To-Do List
    • Bounty Hunt mechanics pages & card pages
    • Unify achievement unlock descriptions
    • Solve alphamask issues in Character-Cosmetics (???)
    • "Crossovers and Collaborations" page
    • Implement hover templates for stock effects, power-ups, and mixers
      • Integrate stock effects
    • Retool Minor Game Modes into Minor Seasonal Changes

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