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100% OJ Style Game Campaigns

~ A hub for all story content in the OrangeJuice series. ~

An archive of all official story content within the OJverse, mostly consisting of 100% OJ-style transcripts of the various story campaigns in each OrangeJuice game. Official English translations (by Fruitbat Factory and Rockin' Android) used when possible. Fan-translations used when not possible.

All cutscenes from 100% Orange Juice are hosted in the mainspace of the wiki!! All other transcripts are hosted in the userspace by wiki admins Zomoroko (me) and Jonjon21428.

Ordered chronologically by release.

QP Shooting

Christmas Shooting

  • Main Campaign (Fan-Translated)


Extra: hono.gooside.com Mini Stories

Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition

QP Kiss (April Fools Game)

  • Main Campaign (Comiket 75 Release)

Flying Red Barrel

Flying Crimson Barrel (April Fools Game)

  • ?????

100% Orange Juice! - Base Game


Acceleration of SUGURI 2

  • Suguri Campaign
  • Saki Campaign
  • Iru Campaign
  • Nanako Campaign
  • Kae Campaign
  • Kyoko Campaign
  • Hime Campaign
  • Sora Campaign
  • Alte Campaign
  • Tsih Campaign
  • Mira Campaign
  • Sham Campaign
  • Nath Campaign
  • Star Breaker Campaign

Love Love★Star Breaker (Drama CD)

QP Shooting - Dangerous!!

DEKU (April Fools Game)

200% Mixed Juice!

Xmas Shooting - Scramble!!

100% Orange Juice! - Part 1

Extra: 100% Web RadiOrange Juice #1 with Hono and DEKU

Extra: 100% Web RadiOrange Juice #2 with Hono

Extra: 100% Web RadiOrange Juice #3 with Hono

100% Orange Juice! - Part 2