100% Orange Juice Wiki


SuguriWinterSelect.pngHimeWinterSelect.png Winter Costumes

  • Compatible with all colors
  • Compatible with all accessories
  • Compatible with all hair colors
  • Compatible with all glasses

SuguriSwimsuitSelect.pngHimeSwimsuitSelect.pngSoraSwimsuitSelect.png Swimsuit Costumes (Pack 1)

MarcPigSelect.pngFernetPigSelect.pngPeatPigSelect.pngSherryPigSelect.pngTequilaPigSelect.png Pig Costumes

  • Incompatible with all colors
  • Incompatible with all accessories
  • Incompatible with all hair colors
  • Incompatible with all glasses

QpSwimsuitSelect.pngMarcSwimsuitSelect.pngFernetSwimsuitSelect.png Swimsuit Costumes (Pack 2)

PoppoStarDevourerSelect.png Devourer Poppo Costume

KirikoSakuraSelect.pngKirikoNewYearsSelect.png Sakura Miko Costumes

PoppoMousseSelect.png Mousse Poppo Costume

Unit Colors[]

Compatibility with all accessories, glasses, and extra colors.

Orange Icon.pngOrange color

Blue Icon.pngBlue color

Green Icon.pngGreen color

Yellow Icon.pngYellow color

Pink Icon.pngPink color

Purple Icon.pngPurple color

Teal Icon.pngTeal color

Black Icon.pngBlack color

Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo color

Halloween Outfit Icon.pngHalloween Outfit color

Silver Icon.pngSilver color

Red and Blue Icon.pngRed and Blue color

Dapper Poppo Icon.pngDapper Poppo color

Cyborg Poppo Icon.pngCyborg Poppo color

Christmas Outfit Icon.pngChristmas Outfit color

Tuxedo Poppo Icon.pngTuxedo Poppo color

Chocolate Icon.pngChocolate color

School Outfit Icon.pngSchool Outfit color

Extra Colors[]

Orange Icon.pngLulu's Ribbon

Orange Icon.pngEllie's Wings


Unlisted interactions means the accessory is compatible with all unlisted unit colors/extra colors/glasses.

Santa Hat Icon.pngSanta Hat

Brown AntlersBrown Antlers

Red AntlersRed Antlers

Red CrownsRed Crown

Purple CrownsPurple Crown

Jack o'Lantern Icon.pngJack o'Lantern

Halloween Costume '16 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '16

Poppo Mask Icon.pngPoppo Mask

Halloween Costume '17 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '17

Reindeer KigurumisReindeer Kigurumi

Baker Icon.pngBaker

Pudding Baker Icon.pngPudding Baker

Sweet Guardian Icon.pngSweet Guardian

Lunar New Year Icon.pngLunar New Year

NoName's Whistle Icon.pngNoName's Whistle

Beach Accessory Icon.pngBeach Accessory

Waruda's PresentsWaruda Presents

Santa Scramble CostumesSanta Scramble Costume

Leo KigurumisLeo Kigurumi

Trick & Treat CostumesTrick & Treat Costume


RPG CostumesRPG Costume

Miusaki's Volleyball Icon.pngMiusaki's Volleyball

Operation Halloween Costume Icon.pngOperation Halloween Costume


Eyeglasses Icon.pngEyeglasses

Sunglasses Icon.pngSunglasses


  • If Dapper Poppo is equipped, all accessories will be unable to be selected. Likewise, if an accessory is equipped before the color, Dapper Poppo will automatically de-equip the accessory. However, Pigformation will not be de-equipped, even though it is not selectable when selecting the accessory first.
  • The above also applies to Poppo's eyeglasses & sunglasses. However, with those there is an additional oddity where both glasses are not X'd-out after equipping Dapper Poppo, despite acting as if they are.