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Greetings & Some Gentle Advice[edit source]

Hello Tekkahedron,
As we have never spoken before I will introduce myself briefly as Shockbowlocke, chief bureaucrat of the OJ wiki. I would first and foremost like to thank you for your hard work. You have picked up quickly on the proper templates to use on card pages and have helped make some great progress as we have fallen behind. We are deeply grateful for the help afforded to us by the community, given the thin amount of editors maintaining the wiki. That said I would like to give you some gentle advice moving forward in regards to the card pages. I do not mean this advice as a personal attack or harsh criticism in any way, and I admit I am hesitant to do so, as any editor I have critiqued even the slightest amount in the past has stopped contributing altogether. To be clear, you are already a good writer. Your content is perfect for what we are looking, you don't use the 2nd person when speaking, and I saw you rewrote/erased some user's colloquialisms- well done. The 2 tips I am about to give have more to do with formatting.

1) Very basic don't use "KOed", use "KO'd" its just more fluid and what we have been using.
2) I blame some of the old pages for causing this issue and for not having an editing guide (never finished the guide and I am sorry for it). The structure of card pages is your intro line (can go further in-depth then the card description), your first paragraph which is some explanation and the positives of the card, your second is the negatives of the card, next notes if there are any in a subheading, and lastly trivia in its own heading. This is mainly my approach to prevent flip-flopping about the positive and negative aspects. Right now I am really trying to standardize the wiki. The best example I can provide of one of my better card pages in this format is Star-Blasting Light.

Now, to conclude. Please, please, please- Don't stop editing when you have time. You are already very close to perfect. I am not asking you to redo the pages you have already done cuz I don't want you to lose the "spark" so to speak. Writing inspiration is fleeting- don't I know it. I will be looking over your card pages soon enough and be making the changes as needed. I just want you to follow this format going forward to the best of your ability so we both win, and I know you're a good enough writer that it should be very easy for you to do so. We don't have nearly enough writers on this wiki let alone good ones, and I really don't want to lose you. If you choose not to listen to the above, very well, but please do not be miffed if the content is eventually and inevitably overwritten. If you have any questions or suggestions for me, please feel free to spin me a message.
Thanks for your efforts and hope to see more,
Shockbowlocke (talk) 00:23, 23 July 2019 (UTC)