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Value Judgment (achievement).jpg Value Judgment
Defeat Star Devourer on Hyper Difficulty without using any characters with a positive Attack value.

Value Judgment is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!


  • In Co-op Mode, win a game against the Star Devourer boss on Hyper difficulty, without using any characters with an Attack stat higher than ±0.


This achievement is simple enough, as the requirements becomes identical to the Death and Taxes achievement after getting past the character select screen. The achievement will be earned as long as no one is playing a characters with a base Attack stat higher than ±0. This means that the achievement cannot be earned if anyone is playing as Yuki, Suguri, Hime, Sora, Marc, Peat, Kai, Tomomo, Seagull, Store Manager, Shifu Robot, Flying Castle, Sherry, Sora (Military), Star Breaker, Tomato & Mimyuu, NoName, Miusaki, Yuki (Dangerous), Suguri (Ver.2), Mira, Islay, Sumika, Ellie, Marc (Pilot), Alicianrone, Arnelle, Hime (Moonlight), Malt, or Hoshino Reika.

There are many good offensive characters that can still be used despite these requirements. Kae is a very good choice, especially as an Attacker, as she will always have +2 Attack when challenging the boss, due to her passive. Tsih, Mei, and Yuuki are other valid characters who can attain a positive Attack stat through their passives.

A team of four Naths can also be extremely effective, particularly 3 Attackers and 1 Dealer to ensure everyone has battle cards and Hypers. Nath's Hyper,  Another Ultimate Weapon, is not only great at dealing damage to Star Devourer, but it is also a great way to use up stars to prevent Star Devourer from stealing them. This team composition will also cause  Value Judgment to heal the whole team for 4 HP, due to Nath having a base ATK value of -1.

Another strategy that will fulfill the requirement's conditions is for all four players to play as Marie Poppo and try to use  Ubiquitous repeatedly in order to level up to norma 5 fast and defeat the boss by bringing it to 0 stars. All Marie Poppo should become all dealers, as drawing  Ubiquitous as much as possible is more important and powerful than staying alive (Her high HP would be more than enough to survive), or Avenger/Attacker Poppo using Dark Side of Business (Since Star Devourer gain 5 stars for each battle damage dealt, it's really meaningless)