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Version 1.20

Version 1.20 was released on September 4th, 2017.[1]

100% Orange Juice - Witch Pack DLC is now available on Steam in version 1.20 ~ Two Witches!

Witch Pack.jpg

Join Miusaki and Ceoreparque, two all-new characters from Alicianrone, on a board game adventure! The new DLC contains a new single player campaign that expands the lore of the Orange Juice universe!

The Witch Pack contains:

  • HP: 4
  • Attack: +1
  • Defense: -2
  • Evade: +1
  • Recovery Value: 5
When using Defend in battle, never take more than 2 damage at once.
Hyper -  Solid Witch (Boost)
  • Level: 2
  • Cost: 20★
Effect Duration: 1 chapter. Take no damage.

  • HP: 4
  • Attack: 0
  • Defense: 0
  • Evade: +1
  • Recovery Value: 5
On successful Evasion, deal 1 damage to opponent.
Hyper -  Witch's Hair Lock (Boost)
  • Level: 1
  • Cost: 10★
Stop target unit's next move action.


  • New map, Witch Forest, can be unlocked by finishing the Girl Power campaign, or by purchasing from the Shop.
  • The campaign dialogue's look has been updated. Speaker names are now visible.
  • Improved typing for lobby name, password and filter fields.
  • Attempting to join a lobby no longer resets your own stored password.


  • Fixed Frost Cave and Treasure Island maps not having pop-ups telling you when they become available.
  • Fixed issues with chat word wrap.
  • Fixed certain characters being drawn too close to the sides in the unit portrait.
  • Fixed "VICTORY!" being displayed if NoName was forced into pot form during battle
  • Fixed random filter windows not all having the updated row count. Some screens still had only 6 maps per column, now they should all have 12.
  • Fixed event window being drawn too low for clients using 800x600.
  • It should no longer be possible to temporarily see the new order of cards shuffled by ConfusionConfusion
    Every 7 Chapters, all player's cards and rearranged and put face-down, making the cards unreadable to both the owner and other players.


Versioned hotfix 1

A versioned hotfix was released on September 4th, 2017.[2]
  • Fixed a bug that could cause  Shield Counter damage to be calculated incorrectly for Miusaki, potentially desyncing a multiplayer session.

Versioned hotfix 2

A versioned hotfix was released on September 5th, 2017.[3]
  • Fixed private lobbies becoming public when the host leaves.
  • Added a new define for the Witch Pack if user doesn't own the DLC. CustomLanguages.txt has also been updated with new font information.

Versioned hotfix 3

A versioned hotfix was released on September 7th, 2017.[4]
  • Private lobbies should no longer be able to show up as public on lobby list.
  • Fixed Girl Power Extreme difficulty unlock rewards only triggering from the final episode.
  • Fixed a crash in the main menu if player loses internet connection.
  • Fixed pink and black outfits not dropping for Miusaki and Ceoreparque.

Versioned hotfix 4

A versioned hotfix was released on September 8th, 2017.[5]
  • Fixed a potential crash when selecting a random unit.

Unversioned hotfix 5

An unversioned hotfix was released on September 15th, 2017.[6]
  • Fixed a bug where invalid costume selections might cause the game to crash when loading avatar data.