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Version 1.22

Version 1.22 was released on October 26th, 2017.[1] 100% Orange Juice - Poppo Voice Pack Core Voice Pack 1 now live!
Core Voice Pack 1.jpg

You can get a taste for their awesome voices by checking out the new character voice trailers on the store page!

Owning the DLC will automatically unlock the characters for you if you do not already own them.

Other changes in version 1.22

  • A new Crate is now available in the Shop: spend 100 Oranges to unlock a random base game character.
  • 8 new achievements have been added to the game, not associated with any DLC.
  • Fixed the unlock conditions for Card Sage achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where  Tactical Retreat would cost double.
  • Fixed a bug where  Party Time blocks KO'd units from a revive roll.
  •  Mimic now changes Hyper cards in your hand to match target's hyper, whether they carry any or not.
  •  Lost Child and  Price of Power description updated: use the card to discard them. Store Manager now takes damage on using them to discard them.