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Version 1.27

Version 1.27 was released on June 6th, 2018.[1]

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Nanora! New Challengers Appear - New Event Live!

We're happy to announce that two long-awaited characters from Orange Juice's games have made their way into 100% Orange Juice, in version 1.27 ~ Playground!

Please welcome... Tsih and Tequila!

The Tsih & Tequila Character Pack is now available on Steam with a -10% launch discount. The pack contains Tsih (from Sora), and Tequila (from Flying Red Barrel), who both come with voices included!

  • Voice: Kabayama Minami
  • +0/-1/+2, 4 HP, 5 REC
  • Gain +2 ATK if holding a Gift card.
Hyper (Boost) -  Stealth On
  • Cost: 10, Level: 2
  • Effect duration: 3 chapters.
  • Cannot be challenged to battle or targeted by Boost cards by other players. Effect expires on entering battle.

  • Voice: Fujiwara Hikaru, aka Hono
  • +0/+1/-3, 5 HP, 6 REC
  • A Pirate Crew Member appears as an enemy unit. Gain +1 ATK for every HP lost during a battle.
Hyper (Event) -  Do Pirates Fly in the Sky?
  • Cost: 20, Level: 3
  • Set "Flying Pirate" on 2-3 random panels.
Hyper (Trap) -  Flying Pirate
  • Fight a Pirate Crew Member summoned by the player who set this card. The enemy will attack first. No effect on the player who set this card.
Pirate Crew Member
  • Voice: Narumi Takashi
  • +1/-1/-1, HP: 2
  • Opponent loses Lvl x10 stars if defeated. The player who summoned this unit gains the stars. Does not appear as Encounter to the summoner.

Spring2018 logo.png

School Crashers!

New event is now live until July 10! Join an exciting new adventure full of sweat, tears and friendship, written by Hono of Orange Juice, and unlock exclusive new rewards by defeating an unexpected foe in a series of minigames!

Other version 1.27 changes
  • School Crashers! event is now live.
  • New field, "Sakura Smackdown" is available to play during the event, and can be unlocked permanently as a reward.
  • Added random dice and homemark drops from the 2017 Christmas event to the mystery bag.
  • Added new panel type,  Heal. Heals 1 HP if stepped on.
  • Some more UI elements now scale with resolution.
  • 6 new Achievements added for owners of Tsih & Tequila Character Pack to complete.
  • Added a button taking the user to the 100% Orange Juice Wiki to the play menu, next to Guide.
  • Fixed an issue where if you did not own Mixed pack and/or Acceleration pack, the numbers in the collection were shown incorrectly.
  • Fixed a visual bug where players joining mid-game would not see Big Poppo but the default boss instead.