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Version 1.28

Version 1.28 was released on July 25th 2018.[1]

Summer Arrives to 100% Orange Juice!
We have a host of exciting new changes to announce to 100% Orange Juice!

First of all... the much-awaited Summer Event is now on, until August 31, 10:00 PST!

Summer Event News.png

Summer Event brings with it a new Co-op mode where players must co-operate to bring down a dangerous foe! All event games progress the event toward its goal, with new rewards unlocked at milestones for all users and bonus items rewarded for participation. Enjoy the new story scenario written by Hono of Orange Juice!

Moreover, we're happy to announce that 100% Orange Juice is now officially available in the Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean languages!

There are also a host of other changes, please see the patch notes below:

100% Orange Juice Version 1.28
  • Summer Event is live, with an all-new Co-op mode! You can change game modes by pressing on the new 'Co-op' or 'Normal' icon on creating a game.
  • Major changes to graphical user interface, including: Last used profile is now automatically loaded on starting the game. 'Free Play' is now 'Online' and takes you directly to the lobby list. 'Campaign' is now 'Single Player' and takes you to campaign screen, from where you can also create a single player game vs CPU.
  • Game Info button has been removed. You can now see the info by hovering on the 'events' tab.
  • New languages can be selected from the game launcher: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean.
  • Units now bob slightly when idle on the field.
  • 4 new hair colors are now available for all units from the crate!
  • Cards that cannot be used no longer appear on the battle card selection.
  • Borderless window mode now pillarboxes to keep correct aspect ratio.
  • Playground can now be selected as a field event. Frequency has been increased to every 5 chapters.
  • Changed the texture format to reduce the game's memory footprint. *
  • Fixed Sweet Breaker posing on the campaign menu when clicking back on episode select.
  • Borderless window mode now letterboxes to keep correct aspect ratio.
  • Fixed an issue causing full screen to crash on ALT+TAB.
  • Fixed a bug where character hair color would sometimes revert to default in full-screen mode.
  •  Stealth On now grants + 2 ATK when entering a battle with the effect active.