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Version 1.28.4

Version 1.28.4 was released on August 6th, 2018.[1]
  • Sunglasses are now unlocked for another character if you win a game using a character that already has them.
  • When clicking on in-game config button, blocked the mouse click from accidentally changing options.
  • Returned right click functionality to lobby and Co-op deck builder menus.
  • Fixed some of Tomomo's special battle voice lines not playing.
  • Fixed Campaign menu displaying all the characters when the player hasn't finished the starting scenarios.
  • Fixed wrong REC being displayed in Card Binder after Co-op is played.
  •  Solid Witch now blocks  Crystal Barrier's self-inflicted damage.
  • Fixed an issue with one of Kyousuke's special lines.
  • Fixed winner animations not playing correctly and accessories causing the player to have transparent areas.

Unversioned Hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on August 6th, 2018.[2]

Versioned Hotfix 1

A versioned hotfix was released on August 7th, 2018.[3]
  • Fixes to cosmetic selections. *