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Version 1.31

Version 1.31 was released on December 21st, 2018.[1]

The new Christmas event is here!

There's little time until Christmas, and the children want a snow castle... a big one! Only you can help make it happen!

Witness the exciting new event storyline with story by Hono and ending illustration by artist Mo! Can Nico and Arthur combine their powers with the two Santas to save the children's Christmas?

Work together with all players to reach global daily goals and unlock rewards until December 25, when the finale of the story unlocks!

The event runs until January 20, 2019, 10:00 PST. It features a new currency which can be used to redeem rewards in the Shop. Note: the currency is only valid during this event, and will be removed afterwards.

In other major news, we're introducing a new mechanic to the game:

The Arcade!

Nico and Arthur await your visit in the new Arcade section of Shop! You can currently be rewarded up to 18 arcade tokens every 3 days (3 from 1 game) from playing online, and use 3 tokens on the Pet Catcher machine for a chance to win 1 of three rarity pets. In addition, players will receive a weekly log-in bonus of 6 arcade tokens.

Drop rates
  • 80% Common item
  • 12% Uncommon pet
  • 6% Rare pet
  • 2% Super Rare pet

The common item drop currently gives you a stack of new Fireworks items, which lets you launch a colorful firework during a match!

The Pet Exchange machine can be used to exchange 2 of the same pet for a random alternative color version of that pet.

All the pets from the Pet Catcher are stored in the Steam Inventory, and can be traded on the Steam marketplace.

Other version 1.31 changes:

  • Christmas Event is now live until January 20! Play the new game mode to earn rewards!
  • Arcade has been added to the Shop with Pet Catcher and Pet Exchange machines. You can earn arcade tokens from playing online.
  • New Firework items can be used from the Item list on the left edge of the screen during matches.

Versioned hotfix 1

A versioned hotfix was released on December 21st, 2018.[2]
  • Possible fix to players getting stuck at the end of a castle building chapter.

Unversioned hotfix 2

An unversioned hotfix was released on December 21st, 2018.[3]
  • Inventory items will now stack correctly.
  • Fixed some issues purchasing new items from the shop.

Versioned hotfix 3

A versioned hotfix was released on December 22nd, 2018.[4]
  • CPU no longer uses cards they shouldn't be able to during snowball fights.
  • Fixed not being able to select the new Flying Castle costume from the shop.
  • Fixed incorrect icon for the day 1 reward homemark.
  • Fixed missing icon for new costumes.
  • Fixed Tomomo not having a visible unit card graphic online.
  • Text fixes.
  • Fixed some Chinese language texts not showing up.

Unversioned hotfix 4

An unversioned hotfix was released on December 22nd, 2018.[5]
  • Possible fix for various shop purchase & currency issues.

Unversioned hotfix 5

An unversioned hotfix was released on December 22nd, 2018.[6]
  • Temporarily disabled shop purchases using inventory currencies while the issues are being investigated.

Versioned hotfix 6

A versioned hotfix was released on December 23nd, 2018.[7]
  • Fixed a crash bug when using Kiriko.
  • Fixed various issues purchasing event cosmetics in the shop (purchasing them is enabled again).
  • The snow castle building phase should now be less prone to get stuck.
  • Fixed snowball fights getting stuck if a player leaves the game during their snowball fight.
  • Castle building no longer resets camera zoom.
  • Spectators can no longer try to use firework items.