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Version 1.31.3

Version 1.31.3 was released on December 29th, 2018.[1]

NOTE: This update may reset the game's config settings, do not be alarmed.

  • Improvements to memory consumption.
  • The old Xmas and Halloween costumes can now be bought for characters whose DLC you don't own (in preparation of removing the related currencies; if you have event currency but don't have all the costumes, make sure to spend it now).
  • CPUs should now use their snow in Xmas mode games even after players end their building action.
  • Made a slight color change to END button in castle building minigame to help differentiate it from the other buttons.
  • Made shop errors more generic.
  • Added a new message to confirm card usage for cards with an area of effect.
  • Made Nico/Arthur show up in the main menu alongside player avatar to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed pet rarity icons to be accurate.
  • Various font & texture fixes
  • Fixed a graphic glitch with the Fruitbat pet.
  • Fixed a game crash when joining mid-game as spectator.
  • Fixed some units not getting the Santa Hat Icon.pngSanta Hat right after buying it from the in-game shop.
  • Fixed mouse clicks leaking into the next menu when selecting cards with a range-dependent effect and placing the cursor where Yes/No appear.
New description: "Pay X stars to the player who set this card, where X is the Lvl of the player who set this card. Draw a card from the deck. This card remains on board when triggered but can be replaced by a new trap. No effect on the player who set this trap."
New description: "Turn all your cards, including this one, into random Hyper cards. You may play one more card this turn."