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Version 1.7.5

Version 1.7.5 was released on October 16th, 2014.[1]

A new DLC is now available for 100% Orange Juice!

Syura & Nanako Character Pack.jpg

Syura & Nanako Character Pack includes:

  • Nanako from the Suguri game series
  • Syura from QP Shooting game series
  • New Hyper Cards for both new characters to wreak havoc with!
  • New music tracks play as Nanako & Syura’s themes

Both of the new characters are designed by Orange_Juice’s original staff for the game’s English Steam release, with character and hyper card art by Hono. 6 new Achievements have been added to celebrate the new characters.

Other Changes
  • Added Default field event option while using Random Map, which keeps the original map field event for that slot.
  • Renamed Usabit card to Rbits.
  • Halved chance to get Chicken, Robo Ball or Seagull while choosing a Random character.