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Version 2.7.3

Version 2.7.3 was released on January 17th, 2020.[1]
  • Minions of the Master and Master of the Minions event contents (cosmetics, story etc) can now be unlocked as part of the core game by taking certain co-op related steps.
  • Added the option to refresh completed challenges by paying 5000 Stars Icon.pngStars.
  • Added a "Master Volume" slider in Sound tab of Config window. This affects the overall volume of the game.
  • Added an "All Voices" slider in Voices tab of Config window. This changes all voice volumes to match with what it's set to.
  • Added an alternate Sakura Miko-themed costume for owners of Kiriko.
  • Fixed  Portable Pudding not setting HP to current max HP if the player has over max HP.
  • Added a new in-game shop tab for retired events: "Retired Events".
  • Fixed an error that wasn't letting the tutorial show up right for new save files right after returning to the main menu from a cutscene.
  • Made RPG CostumesRPG Costumes always show up on the accessory customization screen.
  • Voice actor names are now displayed on announcer select screen.
  • The duration of character speech bubbles is now more closely tied to their voice duration.