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Version 2.8

Version 2.8 was released on February 10th, 2020.[1]

What better way to start the year of the Rat than by getting NoName's parts back from the mice inhabiting the school! School Crashers event is now back until March 10, 10:00 PST!

Full version 2.7.2 patch notes

School Crashers/Playground
  • Added new minigame to PlaygroundPlayground
    Places several PMinigame.png Minigame panels around the board. These panels will trigger a minigame for any player who lands on them. The panels are then removed at the end of the Chapter.
    : Poppo Shooting, where the goal is to throw darts and break balloons with rewards inside. Match 3 rewards and it's yours - fail and you get punished!
  • Added new minigame to Playground: Poppo March, in which a flood of Poppo march across your screen in various costumes. Identify the 3 correct Poppo and click on them before they run away!
  • Added 3 new rewards/penalties to the Playground minigames: Draw 2 (Draw 2 cards), Joker (Effect Duration: 1 Chapter - cards can be played as though they were Lvl 1 and had 0 base cost), Drop (Lose Lvl x 6 stars.)
  • Added new rewards to School Crashers.
  • Playground can now be fast forwarded in single player like the rest of the game.
  • Event progression for School Crashers has been made faster since the first time.
Chat update
  • The Chat UI has been reworked with new size and opacity settings, as well as buttons for deleting all chat messages and to toggle chat fade.
  • Chat now supports emotes! Everyone has a basic emote set to start with.
  • A new Gachapon machine can be found in the Arcade: for 30 Oranges Icon.pngOranges you will receive a random new emote (no duplicates)!
  • The emotes can also be unlocked individually from the Shop's new Emotes section for 45 ('generic emotes') or 75 Oranges (newly drawn emotes) each.
  • All chat members can now be muted and unmuted with a click (this setting is individual; only you don't hear that player).
Other changes
  • Lobby name and password can now be changed from the lobby screen itself at will! Game Speed option is also saved if you change it on the lobby screen.
  • Added a lobby option for CPU units to skip minigames.
  • Your Game Speed option is now saved if you change it during a match.
  • Poppo stole the balloons.
  • Lowered the cost of Regular Crate (poses) from 40 to 30 Oranges, and Premium Crate (hairs) from 50 to 40 Oranges.
  • (Undocumented) Renamed the Ultimate Weapon Girl tracks in the Gallery.
  • (Undocumented) The Gallery preview of "Cuties 4" (previously "Ultimate Weapon Girl: Poppo") no longer requires A New Star is Born.

This is mainly a quality of life update with some features that we've already worked on for months between content updates. The chat update has been on our to-do list for a long time, and we've collected highly requested features for it. Hopefully it'll now offer much greater flexibility for the users' chat experience. The Gachapon machine in the Arcade is visually based on the actual gachapon machines commonly seen in Japanese arcades, and after quite some deliberation we ended up making the chat emoji non-tradable (despite Steam precedent) and unique with an Orange cost due to a few reasons: their volume, which might make trading them through Steam cumbersome, and because we wanted to give those players who already had everything more use out of their Oranges. Since the emotes aren't tradable and there's a lot of them, it could be frustrating if there's a specific one the player wanted, so we decided to also make them all purchasable separately in the Shop. At the same time, we significantly lowered the Orange cost for purchasing previous Orange crates to make it easier for new players to acquire all content.

  • Fixed game speed not updating properly when changing the setting in a lobby's waiting screen.
  • Fixed Normal mode  Golden Egg's effect not activating immediately after activating the trap card if it was placed on top of a  Bonus or  Drop panel.
  • Fixed  Shield Counter's damage being affected by  Metallic Monocoque.
  • Fixed  Invisible Bomb's damage being affected by  Metallic Monocoque.
  • Fixed Star Breaker being able to clear Star normas and Sora & Sham (Cuties) being able to clear Win normas in Co-op.
  • Fixed Star Breaker not playing a voice when clearing a norma in Co-op.
  • Fixed Tomomo (Sweet Eater) not turning back to her original form after being KO'd while having  Extend stocked, and being revived by another player.
  • Fixed  Mix Phenomenon showing infinite duration instead of 3 chapters.
  • Fixed some character hairs showing up when using a Kigurumi accessory paired with a school uniform unit color