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Version 2.8.1

Version 2.8.1 was released on February 16th, 2020.[1]
  • Added school uniform costume for regular Aru. (Unlocks automatically on Main Menu if you have already cleared the event).
  • Updated Co-op Support role A.I. to revive teammates more often when passing next to them if players have more stars available.
  • Made minigame Joker's effect work the same as the Co-op mixer Joker's effect.
  • Added an orbiting icon for minigame Joker effect.
  • Made Track the Card guarantee at least one positive prize to spawn at the start of the minigame.
  • Made Poppo Reverse, Poppo Dice and Poppo Frostwalker show the correct effect duration in player info plates.
  • Changed the DAMAGE message to no longer cap the number at player HP. The damage dealt is still the same, but you'll be able to tell that Big Bang Bell really really hurt.
  • Added display of plus/minus damage to combat stat plate.
  • Made Protect's Shield effect appear in battle when the unit has a Protect effect active instead of a damage reduction effect.
  • Made Star Devourer's additional damage passive effect display on the combat stat plate.
  • Updated Co-op's Mixers timer format to match the existing Daily Challenges timer format.
  • Added chapter duration display for Mixers in effect to the in-game info plate.
  • Made minigames stop the public lobby idle timer.
  • Added built-in idle timers to Match 2 and Track the Card.
  • Made players get the NoName prize from Match 2 if they match the pair regardless of whether it was the last pair matched or not.
  • Fixed graphical issues with Alte's school uniform when using her Halloween 2016 tennis player accessory.
  • Fixed a 4-legged Marc.
  • Fixed black unit color unlock not showing up properly on Results screen.
  • Fixed issue with chat typing window staying open between lobby changes.
  • Fixed issue with shop exit button not being highlighted when hovered.
  • Fixed  Bloodlust's damage being affected by some damage reduction effects.
  • Fixed  Special Stage letting players still use cards in battle.
  • Fixed  Poppo the Snatcher giving the player carrying the card more stars than the amount of stars the player affected by it lost.
  • Fixed Match 2 minigame only creating instances with 12 cards in it.
  • Fixed cards created with  Reproduction of Records displaying the wrong base cost if there's other active effects that affect the reproduced card's usage cost.
  • Added missing Spanish translation for School Crashers story.
  • NoName now gives wins and stars when he would be KO'd out of battle with effects that reward the user with such. New unit card description: "If KO'd, turn into NoName (Head) instead. Give no stars or Wins if KO'd in battle."
While a minor change, this affects some head to head match-ups significantly. Originally NoName was vulnerable to all such effects (x16 Big Rocket, Air Strike, etc), but in version 1.19 he was changed to turn into pot form instead of KO when KO'd out of combat also, in order to make him more possible to actually KO for real. This had the side effect of giving him unnecessary extra immunity to some card/unit effects, and we're now rectifying that.

Versioned hotfix

A versioned hotfix was released on February 16th, 2020.[2]
  • Fixes crashy-crashy?[3]
  • Fixed crashy-crashy.[4]