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Version 2.8.2

Version 2.8.2 was released on February 29th, 2020.[1]

100% Orange Juice! now supports Steam and Discord rich presence and game invites! You can invite other players directly to your lobby, or ask to join another player's lobby through Steam or Discord.

Full version 2.8.2 patch notes

  • Added support for game invites from Steam and Discord.
  • Added a Config option to disable Rich Presence.
  • The cosmetic screen text buttons have been updated with cute new icons.
  • Glasses are now separate cosmetic category, so you can equip glasses and other accessories together!
  • Game invites will be joined automatically from the menu screen.
  • A pending invite popup is shown in shop/user info screen, which can be cancelled at any time.
  • Players' Steam avatars are now shown on the lobby screen.
  • Updated the visuals on one of the new emotes. (:sp_sumika:)
  • Fixed the chat log being cleared after finishing a game.

Unversioned hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on February 29th, 2020.[2]
  • Added missing .dll file.

Versioned hotfix 2

A versioned hotfix was released on March 1st, 2020.[3]
  • Suguri (46 Billion Years) no longer lends her awesome damage-doubling powers to other characters.
    • (Note: This patch fixed a glitch that let other characters use the damage-doubling effect, and did not change anything about Suguri (46 Billion Years).)

Versioned hotfix 3

A versioned hotfix was released on March 4th, 2020.[4]

Unversioned hotfix 4

An unversioned hotfix was released on March 8th, 2020.[5]
  • Fixed layering issue with glasses and some of the accessories.
  • Fixed customization buttons being available for costumes that don't support it.
  • Fixed issue with customization windows going off screen.
  • Fixed random character option putting glasses in the old category.
  • Fixed a startup crash if the rich presence option was disabled.

Versioned hotfix 5

A versioned hotfix was released on March 13th, 2020.[6]
  • Updated the graphic for the WIKI button on Main Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the pending invitation would show "Discord" after a lobby's information gets updated.
  • Fixed players being able to get random color unlocks on the game results screens for DLC units they don't own.
  • Fixed players in a co-op game not getting the same amount of Oranges Icon.pngOranges after finishing.
  • Improved the A.I. for Poppo Shooting minigame.
  • Fixed interlude cutscenes being unlocked for playback in Gallery even if the player hadn't seen them yet.

Versioned hotfix 6

A versioned hotfix was released on March 17th, 2020.[7]
  • The system voice should no longer spam "Connection Failed" when the player inputs a wrong password.
  • Fixed a bug where the bonus oranges from Mixers weren't given out in online games.

Versioned hotfix 7

A versioned hotfix was released on March 25th, 2020.[8]
  • Fixed issue where glasses and other transparent accessories would show the field background.
  • Fixed issue where emote window was active in deck screen and blocking cosmetic buttons.
  • Fixed issue with Tomomo's staff showing on top of RPG costume and glasses.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid cards in save data could cause the game to crash.