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Version 2.8.3

Version 2.8.3 was released on March 31st, 2020.[1]

Note: This is the first time that an update has accompanied an April Fools announcement. Therefore, a vast majority of the patch notes are simply jokes, and were not actually added to the game. All fake patch notes are not included on this page.

2x EXP Event live!

In continuation of our #StayAtHome campaign, the classic Double EXP event has been dragged back kicking and screaming!

Until April 8, 10:00 PST, players will earn 2x online and co-op EXP!

Full version 2.8.3 patch notes

  • Poppo has been revised. She can finally speak normally now.
  • Updated the Sound tab in the game's Configuration menu to have scrollbar support and rearranged some of its options.

Unversioned hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on March 31st, 2020.[2]
  • Added missing Japanese texts.

Versioned hotfix 2

A versioned hotfix was released on April 9th, 2020.[3]
  • Fixed unit voices not loading if player doesn't own the DLC even if they're enabled by an event.
  • Mio can now be used during All Units Event.
  • Co-op Boss units can no longer be used during All Units event.
  • Fixed a cosmetic check for Krilalaris's 9th hair unlock not working as intended.
  • Fixed Co-op Robo Ball units not counting for Krilalaris's 9th hair unlock.