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Version 2.9

Version 2.9 was released on April 18th, 2020.[1]
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The first event of the 100% Orange Juice Season 2 storyline is now live in version 2.9 ~Lucky Charm~!

The "Bounty Hunters" event introduces a new pair of characters, Ellie and Lulu, who have to make ends meet by taking on the dangerous job of hunting monsters for cash!

The story for the event is written by Hono of Orange Juice, and the ending illustration is provided by Ogipote!

A new Bounty Hunt game mode is temporarily playable for the duration of the event, until May 17, 10 AM PST.

To complete the event, players must climb from rank E to rank B in their Guild.

In Bounty Hunt mode, players will increase their Guild rank by gathering Fame from completing various quests at the local Guild. These include hunting down dangerous new monsters, and performing odd jobs around town.

There are 6 new Wild Units and 1 new Boss unique to the mode.

In this event, several rules differ from the normal mode:

  • There is only 1 Norma type available: Fame. Fame is gained from defeating Bounties and completing Quests. Reach 20 Fame to win the game! (Note that norma selection restrictions of certain characters don't apply in this mode).
  • All units have a permanent +1 MOV, +1 hand size, and gain increased stars each chapter.
  • Different types of field locations appear on random panels, and are refreshed every 6 chapters. These include monster locations, and Shops.
  • Players can stop at all Homes, and every time you stop at a Home, you can choose 1 out of 4 available Bounty or Quest cards. These cards must be carried to complete missions.
  • Bounties are completed by carrying the corresponding Bounty card and defeating the monster in question. Each field location houses one of the 6 monster types, and once a player passes over it, the monster is revealed. If the player is carrying a Bounty card for that monster, they can challenge it to battle. Each player starts the game with one easy difficulty Bounty card.
  • Each Bounty battle lasts up to 10 rounds, and the monsters come in 3 different difficulties, giving 2,3 or 4 Fame.
  • Quests require to visit a field location of the indicated type to gather a quest item, and then returning it to the indicated Shop. They give 2 Fame for completing.
  • Different Shops carry various powerful items - cards, healing, temporary buffs and even permanent stat boosts!
  • Shop prices are affected by your character's stats: Based on the default stat spread of +0/+0/+0, 5 HP, characters will gain an adjustment to their Shop prices based on how positive or negative each of their stats is. (ATK gives a 25% modifier, while DEF, EVD and HP give 10%. Example: Marie Poppo gains a -25% discount based on -1 ATK, -1 DEF, -1 EVD and +2 HP, while Sherry gains a +45% price increase based on +1 ATK, DEF and EVD).
  • Defeating the field Boss will give 6 Fame to the one landing the killing blow.

A funky new field, Beginner Town, is available to play during the event, and can be permanently unlocked as a reward.

Other version 2.9 patch notes

  • AI got jealous of players and are now able to randomly have unit and hair colors, and wear glasses.
  • Co-op lobbies now have a tooltip on the player frame, showing their co-op levels.
  • Fixed a crash with how card effects gets removed on a player revive.

Versioned hotfix 1

A versioned hotfix was released on April 18th, 2020.[2]
  • Fixed midgame joins bugging if changing from one lobby to another in Bounty Hunt mode.
  • Fixed the CPU throwing a hissy-fit if not allowed to buy their favorite thing in the Shops in Bounty Hunt mode and refusing to leave it.
  • Fixed Discord rich presence for Bounty Hunt Mode.
  • Added missing credits to game launcher.
  • Fixed missing gallery BGM for wild units and Tomomo (Sweet Eater).