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Version 3.8

Version 3.8 was released on August 25th, 2021.[1]
Summer2021 logo.png

It's time to learn to swim or sink with Tomomo! Mio's lending you a helping hand in the new Co-op summer event, "Pool Party"!

The event adds a new co-op boss "Swimming Coach", and progress is shared between all players! Note that you can also fight other Co-op bosses to contribute to the event progress, but you need to defeat Swimming Coach at least once to qualify for rewards.

The event is active until September 26! Three new achievements related to the boss have also been added.

This time the event ending illustration is courtesy of artist 490!

Co-op changes!

With the feedback from the Co-op survey and the Co-op beta, we've also released a whole slate of changes to improve the game mode! You can read the full patch notes on the Steam forums.

CPU picker!

One notable change in the update is a new CPU picker feature! This new feature allows you to choose your CPU teammates in Co-op mode online and offline, and in single player Normal and Bounty Hunt modes as well!

Unit Info on Hover

Another much requested improvement has also been added: you can now mouseover units on the field to view their HP, and click on them for detailed info. Hovering them also shows the Recovery value for KO'd units, as well as star cost to revive them in Co-op.

Field Brightness Setting!

We've also added yet another accessibility setting: you can now adjust the brightness of the field backgrounds!

Full version 3.8 patch notes[2]
General Changes
Wiki note: This only applies to online lobbies.
  • Players can now customize CPUs allies in co-op, as well as CPU opponents in single player custom games in all game modes.
  • New feature added: hovering over a unit on the field shows their HP and can be clicked to bring up their stock info plate.
  • New feature added: KO'd units now show their current REC value, and star cost to revive if applicable.
  • Unlocking Mio now requires defeating Extreme RoPoChi instead of Hyper RoPoChi.
  • Updated CPU logic to take into account any additional damage and damage reduction effects when picking battles.
  • Added Field Background Brightness option in the config.
  • The font of the "Enemy" ring has been adjusted to be in line with the other rings.
  • Added new avatar frames from gaining level 30 in co-op roles.
  • Boss ability preview now shows up to next 3 turns of Boss actions.
Dev note: this is one of the biggest meta level co-op changes in this update. The goal is to give players more tactical control by being able to prepare for upcoming disasters.
  •  Devil Hand now deals damage rather than reducing HP in co-op.
  • Added Burn Out passive to Shifu Robot and Sora (Military) in Co-op: Add "Burn Out" effect on KO. For each stock, increase REC by 1 and delay recovery 1 turn for each stack. 1 stack expires every 5 chapters. Only applied to Sora (Military) if she is KO'd through battle.
  • Shifu Robot now starts and revives after 2 turns with 2 HP in co-op.
  • Kae has been adjusted to no longer have -1 Def when attacking, and  Blazing inflicts +1 ATK to players, -1 DEF to enemies in a 2 panel radius and refreshes if reapplied.
Dev note: we've aimed to fix the characters that were considered, for various reasons, to be so good at certain tactics that they make it non-optimal to play any other compositions. These measures were implemented based on the Beta feedback. At the same time, we've implementing various changes to the roles and bosses so that such "broken" unit compositions aren't required to fight the bosses either. The goal is that you can play your favorite character without worries (as long as the overall group composition makes any sense).
  • Added "Random Boss" and "Random Difficulty" options for Co-Op.
  • Added a display for which hyper the player has selected on deck builder.
  •  Gentleman's Battle can now be used in Co-op and be used to target full HP enemies.
  • Sweet Breaker has a new Hyper in co-op: ★Cost: Stars / 10. Scramble boss' current hand order. Inflicts Melting Memories to all enemies. Effect Duration: 3 Chapters. Effect expires on KO.
  • Sweet Breaker has a new passive in co-op: When battling a unit under the effects of Melting Memories, gain +1 to ATK, DEF and EVD.
  •  Beast Witch has a new effect in co-op: Prevent star loss caused by a Boss or its minions. Discard this card if this effect is triggered.
  • Teotoratta's Dealer Rank adjusted from A to D
  • Fernet's Air Support co-op hyper changed to Air Strike: Every enemy receives 1 to 2 damage. Gain 15 stars on every KO.
  • Fernet's Support adjusted from E to C and Dealer rating adjusted from E to A.
  • Miusaki's passive updated in co-op: When using Defend in battle, never take more than than half your max HP in damage at once (rounded up).
  • Suguri ver. 2's Guardian rank reduced from A to D.
  • Big the Jonathan's  Dive no longer destroys home panels.
  • Big Poppo now shares the star pool with the Boss.
  • Players will now be rewarded 100 stars from defeating Big Poppo.
  • M10's  Attack Down ability is now Level 3.
  • M10's  Health Down ability is now Level 2.
  • Big the Haruo's chicken minions start with 10 stars.
  • Big the Haruo's  Hen Pecked now deals damage equal to boss level only.
  • Added a new Level 2 card for Big the Haruo:  Chicken Run. Effect Duration: 2 Chapters. All minions on the field will gain +2 MOV and +1 EVD.
  • Big the Haruo: Clarified descriptions for  Final Warning and  Savage Talons.
  • M10's Rumble passive no longer increases ATK per encounter.
  • M10's shield value is now displayed on the HUD.
  • M10's  EMP no longer affects players who weren't damaged by it.
  • M10: Added debuff icons to better show when units are affected negatively.
  • Star Devourer's passive adjusted to give +1 Damage per 300 stars rather than 200.
  • Star Devourer:  Star Mania no longer scales by Boss Lvl.
  • RoPoChi:  Big Po's Special stock effects lowered from 3 to 2.
  • RoPochi:  Refined Talons now deals damage equal to target HP instead of outright KO.
  • Summer Beast:  Rampage no longer increases boss max HP, but has "gain Boss Lvl x 1 HP".
  • Summer Beast now has a special message appear whenever gaining Hype.
  • Summer Beast now warps first when using  Hide and Seek.
  • Role Hypers are now unlocked at level 10 (up from 5) and role special abilities (except Avenger) are now unlocked at level 5 (down from 10).
  • Removed HP cost on using  Protect (Guardian).
  • Added 1 chapter cooldown to  Protect (Guardian).
  •  Guardian Spirit now lasts 2 chapters (Guardian).
  • Guardian now has a new  Iron Defense battle ability with a 3 chapter cooldown that allows a high enough Defense roll to reduce damage down to 0.
  •  Protect no longer gets removed unless the player was hit (Guardian).
  •  Unforgiving Avenger now revives players with full HP.
  • Changed Avenger's  From Beyond ability to be unlocked from the start.
  •  Deal can now be used to give cards to KO'd allies.
  • Allowed players to pick which card to Deal, and to which teammate.
  •  Deal now requires you have 3 cards in your hand.
  •  Attacker role Hyper cost reduced to 10 stars.
  • Sunset CO: Added 2 entry-only Warp Move panels close to the main loop to make it easier to access the other sides.
  • Treasure Island CO: Changed dead-end Warp panels to Warp Move panels to avoid a scenario where Summer Beast might use Hide and Seek on exit-only Warp panels.
  • Added 7 new Co-op maps: Beginner Town CO, Christmas Miracle CO, Dark Citadel CO, Fungus Cave CO, Practice Field CO, Sealed Archive CO, Sweet Heaven CO. Sweet Heaven CO has been added for extreme difficulty Summer Beast. Beginner Town CO, Fungus Cave CO, Practice Field CO and Dark Citadel CO are Swimming Coach extreme maps.
Wiki note: Christmas Miracle CO and Sealed Archive CO are not assigned to any Boss on Extreme difficulty, so they can only be played in Normal difficulty.
  • Improved CPU logic for which path to pick in Co-op.
  • Made CPUs not play cards when  Temptation is active.
  • Updated  Rival so that you can target Big the Jonathan while he's launched.
  • Fixed Natsumi healing when there's a KO'd minion on her panel.

Unversioned Hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on August 25th, 2021.[3]
  • Added missing graphics for new emotes.
  • Added missing patch note for new emotes and achievements.

Unversioned Hotfix 2

An unversioned hotfix was released on August 25th, 2021.[4]
Wiki note: This hotfix has no published patch notes. Information on changes will be added here when found.

Versioned Hotfix 3

A versioned hotfix was released on August 26th, 2021.[5]
  • Fixed blank map appearing in Shop.
  • Fixed  Observer of Eternity being able to generate an Air Support card.
  • Added missing cutscene button in gallery for the new event.
  • Updated so that Aru (Scramble) doesn't discard  Santa's Job in Co-op.
  • Minor text fixes.

Versioned Hotfix 4

A versioned hotfix was released on August 30th, 2021.[6]
  • Fixed  Observer of Eternity picking duplicate cards from other modes.
  • Fixed players being able to select Hyper difficulty for Swimming Coach while Steam was not running.
  • Fixed new enemy cards being tagged as "Player" cards.
  • Added a unit card description for Goalpost.
  • Fixed Shifu Robot appearing twice in player stats.
  • Fixed  Co-op Blazing! applying the regular effect on Kae.
  • Fixed Natsumi not being able to heal herself in Normal Mode when landing on a panel with every other unit present on it at full HP.
  • Fixed  Tropical Cyclone marking warp panels.
  • Fixed Discard message appearing on Player 1 when using gift cards regardless of who discarded the card.
  • Fixed  Moving the Goalpost ability dealing damage around the Boss panel.
  • Fixed Swimming Coach being able to be hit by  Full Speed Alicianrone.
  • Fixed Swimming Coach being affected by some card effects that involve board interactions.
  • Fixed  Special Stage using your opponent's level to calculate how many stars to take.
  • Added Bounty Hunt variant of Natsumi's unit card.
  • Made unit card be displayed alongside unit info plate.
  • Fixed non-player units in Bounty Hunt being revealed as "The Harbinger" in disguise.
  • Fixed some places where Campaign mode Mio would show her true HP power levels.
  • RoPochi now loses the intended 100 stars rather than 200 stars from the star reserve when Big Poppo is defeated.
  • Star Devourer now starts with 150 stars.
  • Fixed being unable to use  Angel Hand in non-Co-op modes.

Versioned Hotfix 5

A versioned hotfix was released on August 31st, 2021.[7]
  • Fixed the inconsistent ability to challenge Co-op boss and minions
  • Fixed Mixed Poppo not getting any effects from warping

Versioned Hotfix 6

A versioned hotfix was released on September 2nd, 2021.[8]
  • Fixed a pathing issue on the new Co-op map Whirlpool.

Versioned Hotfix 7

A versioned hotfix was released on September 9th, 2021.[9]

Unversioned Hotfix 8

An unversioned hotfix was released on September 9th, 2021.[10]
  • (Undocumented) Readded a previous fix for Whirlpool pathing issue.

Unversioned Hotfix 9

An unversioned hotfix was released on September 12th, 2021.[11]
  • Updated a graphic package for a upcoming cosmetic unlock.

Unversioned Hotfix 10

An unversioned hotfix was released on September 18th, 2021.[12]
  • Updated the Discord server link on the main menu.