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Version 3.9.3

Version 3.9.3 was released on December 13th, 2021.[1]

A major new feature has been added to the game to increase the fun factor - customizable Taunts!

You can customize and save 6 different Taunts for each character - change the character's pose, voice line, and add sound and visual effects! You can then use them ingame on a short cooldown to react to events.

Don't be misled by the name, you can use the new Taunt feature for all kinds of interactions!

Every character also comes with a set of default taunts you can use before setting any up. This feature will finally give more value to one of the oldest sets of unlockables as well - character poses! Unlock more character poses to give your taunts more variety!

You can find the Taunt customization under Player Info -> Taunts.

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Other Version 3.9.3 Changes

Version 3.9.3 also brings an updated Santa Scramble event with new rewards, and a massive number of fixes and improvements.

You can find the full list of changes on the forums.

Full version 3.9.3 patch notes[2]
  • Updated Santa Scramble event with new rewards.
  • Added Taunts! Customize poses, voice lines, effects and more on each character to deliver witty reactions during the game! These can be customized under Player Info -> Taunts.
  • Reworked the term "Challenge" to be acting consistently: "Challenge" now strictly refers to optional battles when meeting another on the field; thus some regular and co-op descriptions, interactions, and achievement checks have been updated to reflect this.
Dev note: consequently, no card can now force another unit to 'challenge' another unit. In practice this change affects the interactions of Santa's Job, Stealth On, Special Stage, Chris and Fernet (Noble). Several Boss cards were also edited to reword their use of 'challenge'.
  • Reworked the term 'Target' to be acting consistently in co-op. After deliberation, it was judged that boss abilities never 'target' a player as all their cards have by default a clear condition on which player(s) are affected, acting similarly to Event cards in normal mode. Targeting thus only refers to actions that would normally use the targeting interface to freely select a target.
Dev note: Bosses in co-op never 'target' players. This affected the following Boss abilities: Hen Pecked, Ubiquitous, Swipe, Refined Talons, which were edited. The following effects that interacted with the 'target' concept were also changed in co-op: Stealth On, Live Stage.
  • Made the first card now selected by default when opening the deck builder.
  • Added Cook's special voice lines to be played during December.
  • Changed panel activation to have the lowest priority of all panel events, fixing the following:
    • Tripping on traps can no longer cancel the activation of certain panels.
  • If  Stealth On is procured through the effects of  Assault, it no longer ignores the  Encounter panel under it despite having used the effect.
  •  Crystal Barrier and  Stiff Crystal should no longer behave incorrectly against  BanaNana.
  •  Encore should now take  Demand into consideration and will not execute base panel effect + draw panel effect.
  • Fixed  immovable Object not preventing some warp effects.
  • Fixed players not being notified of a battle on some scenarios (like  Affluence) by the game blinking in the task bar.
  • Fixed issue with Kyupita's Halloween costume when wearing glasses.
  • Fixed  Deceptive Disarming not increasing Chris' Manager Counters when resulting in failure.
  • Adjusted Flying Castle's unit description punctuation.
  • Adjusted  Scary Solicitation's description to mention that it only takes effect on active players.
  • Fixed "If searching for Tomato & Mimyuu, the search bar will only respond to the entry Tomato and not Mimyuu".
  • Fixed Cuties not being able to be targeted by Boost cards in Co-op.
  • Fixed  Stealth On triggering Boss Encounter panels in Co-op.
  • Fixed  Deceptive Disarming not triggering Kiriko's passive upon failure.
  • Fixed Tomato & Mimyuu revive voicelines not playing correctly; Sora (Military) now also plays hers when auto-reviving.
  • Fixed and reactivated co-op random map selection for Normal and Extreme difficulties (not available when selecting a random boss or random difficulty).
  • Clarified that  Path Blockers only targets active units.
  • Fixed hovering the cursor over the timer in the Halloween icon having information about the weekly characters displayed and clickbox for the event.
  • Fixed being able to back out of the Bounty Hunt shop menu if you right click on a character profile during shopping.
  •  Reproduction of Records now correctly retrieves the latest card and only card in the discard pile after  Play of the Gods has been used to pull the last card from the deck.
  • Globbu now properly deducts Defense from the player when dealing damage to temporary HP.
  • Fixed Iru attacking M10 twice when challenging it to battle in Hyper difficulty.
  • Fixed Home RouletteHome Roulette
    Every 9 Chapters, all player PHome.png Home panels are randomly rotated.
    bringing back sweeped homes (via  Home Sweeper).
  • Fixed Cuties Unit having Sora display default hair color in a lobby even if it's supposed to be modified.
  • Fixed Hyper Space Computing achievement not working with battle hyper cards.
  • Added a boss panel check to  Revival of Stars.
  • Fixed Alicianrone's passive breaking the Evade stat cap.
  • Fixed mouse icon remaining invisible if you viewed gallery artwork and then exited with the mouse icon not visible.
  • Fixed pumpkin home being drawn over  Arthur's shops.
  • Fixed Iru's passive procuring when passing through a player under the effects of  Immovable Object.
  • Fixed camera to now properly follow where the character warps to with effects of  Go Away or  Ubiquitous.
  • Fixed an issue which would make Tomato's icon offset in-game.
  • Fixed Christmas Easter egg.
  • (Undocumented) Fixed Iru's passive not activating when challenging Sherry.

Versioned Hotfix 1

A versioned hotfix was released on December 13th, 2021.[3]
  • Fixed not being able to select Tomomo in the Taunts tab in Player Info when coming back from an online game.
  • Fixed Yuuki (Devil) and Sora (Cuties) voice lines not playing when previewing a taunt, and possibly crashing the game.
  • Fixed taunt emotes not being flipped properly in-game for Players 2 and 4.
  • Fixed the selected pose not matching the avatar's pose in Deck Builder when leaving Player Info while the Taunts tab is selected.
  • Fixed Mimyuu disappearing in the Avatar customization menu when swapping from Tomato & Mimyuu to another character and then back to them.
  • Fixed character swap button in the Taunts tab not loading properly when the player's avatar is Tomato & Mimyuu.