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Version 3.9.5

Version 3.9.5 was released on February 21st, 2022.[1]

School Crashers is back, with more fun than ever!

Help put NoName back together and earn all-new rewards!

Three new minigames have been added to the Playground field event:

Marc's Flight Training

Avoid obstacles and fly your way to victory in this high tech flight simulator!

Saki's Bakery

Use Saki to collect cookies that rain down from above! Just be careful of bombs!


Do you have what it takes to tell the mushrooms apart at a glance? Watch a quick presentation of different mushrooms and then put them in the order of appearance!

Other Version 3.9.5 Changes!
Updated Story Portraits!

The older story portraits have been updated to be 12x cuter!

Taunt Improvements!

4 additional taunt slots have been added, bringing the number of available taunts from 6 to 10 per character!

In addition, the taunt cooldown in private lobbies has been halved.

Taunts without voice and in the default pose can be played to let wild units and bosses use the pose ingame.

Deck Search!

Similarly to the character search, a new Deck Search feature has been added! Just start typing the name of a card you want to find, and it'll appear!

Controller Support!

In big news, we've also updated 100% Orange Juice with much improved Steam Input support! You will be able to play the game in full with most controllers by using the official 100% Orange Juice configuration, without needing to use mouse and keyboard!

New Binding Chains animation!

Hime's Binding Chains hyper has received a new animation!

...Plus Balance Changes and Many Fixes!

A full list of changes can be found on the Steam forums.

Enjoy your lessons!

Full version 3.9.5 patch notes[2]
  • School Crashers event has been updated. You can now progress the event in any game mode via Playground field event, or in a separate School Crashers game mode which has a higher frequency of the Playground field event. New rewards have been added to the event.
  • 3 new minigames have been added to the Playground field event: Peek-a-Shroom, Marc's Flight Training, and Saki's Bakery.
  • Added 4 additional Taunt slots and a paging system for them.
  • Taunts without voice and default pose can now be played to let wild units use these taunts.
  • Reduced cooldown for Taunts in private lobbies.
  • Added a Deck Search option to let you type the name of a card to find it quickly.
  • New Hyper animation added for Binding Chains.
  • Updated older dialogue portraits to look 12x cuter!
  • Added Controller support via Steam Input.
  • Added option to change next-boot launching options from the Screen config, and removed deprecated options.
  • Changed the hair highlights of Yuki, Tomomo and Kai swimsuit variants to match their regular ones.
  • Fernet (Noble): updated Affluence by adding the following effect: You cannot attack.
  • Mescal: updated passive by adding the following effect: If this Pirate Crew Member is KO'd in battle, it will not fight for you for 3 chapters.
  • Fixed some card effect icons remaining around the player after the effect ends.
  • Various graphical fixes.
  • Fixed a crash error that could happen in single player when playing on speed 3 or lower.
  • Completed the missing parts of the Russian translation.

Unversioned Hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on February 21st, 2022.[3]
  • Updated Steam API files.

Unversioned Hotfix 2

An unversioned hotfix was released on February 22nd, 2022.[4]
  • Updated controller configuration files to address various issues related to them.