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Version 3.9.6

Version 3.9.6 was released on March 25th, 2022.[1]
  • Steam Deck is now fully supported, and 100% Orange Juice is Steam Deck verified!
  • CPUs are now ever so slightly more aggressive.
  • Adjusted scaling on Marc's Flight Training.
  • Added feature to view Chef/Manager's unit card by hovering over their portraits.
  • Card effects from  Extension now go into the card log.
  • Fixed Deckpoints being offscreen in Co-op
  • Tomato no longer disappears in lobby.
  • Cuties no longer suffer from stage fright in the lobby either.
  • Fixed players not being able to move in the arcade version of Saki's Bakery after browsing online lobbies.
  •  Extension now gives Nath a stack of Active Extension
  • Playing  Freight via  Extension now gives the attacker a Freight card.
  • Fixed  Special Stage's AoE preview not removing its old instance when the player is warped
  • Fixed several issues with the idle timer.
  • Fixed the  Affluence 4 user not immediately fighting the boss if the other player flees with  Overseer.
  • Fixed  Affluence 4 applying an attack debuff on the opponent's next battle if they had a Chef/Manager/Mescal's Pirate Crew Member.
  • Fixed being able to attack a Chef/Manager user if using  Affluence 4.
  • Fixed game crash when returning focus to the game during a match in fullscreen or while playing Marc's Flight Training at the Arcade.
  • Fixed text displayed for the challenges not being parsed in Russian.
  • Fixed all field event stacks of  Holy Night being attributed to the first player that played the card.
  • Fixed incorrect star distribution when two opponents use self-damaging  mushroom battlecard against each other, self-KOing in the process.
  • Fixed AI refusing to choose a target for  Long-Distance Shot if the AI just replaced a player disconnecting during targeting screen (softlocking the game).
  • Fixed not being revived as Casual Tomomo to full HP if KO'd as Sweet Eater Tomomo in Co-op if your max HP was raised with Co-op class effects.
  • Fixed Chris still being able to challenge units on the field without Chef or Manager provided the turn was started with one of them.
  •  Shield can no longer be set as a battle-trap by Malt after having been able to use it in a battle prior.
  • Fixed incorrect face file for Sumika.