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Version 3.9.7

Version 3.9.7 was released on March 31st, 2022.[1]

Note: This update accompanied an April Fools announcement.[2] A significant amount of the patch notes are simply jokes, and were not actually added to the game. This page lists the real patch notes posted on the Update History thread, and all fake patch notes are not included on this page.

Chaos Reigns!
Spring2022 logo.png

On an auspicious day,
two Poppo met each other.
One asked for Chaos.
The other agreed.

New event, Fool's Gambit, is now live until the end of April! A massive new game mode, Chaos Mode, is playable during it! Chaos mode adds 14 further new game modes that break all the rules! During the event, players will gain an extra Arcade Token from online games.

  • Hyper Deck: All cards in the deck will be changed to pre-generated Hypers.
  • Panel Shuffle: All panels besides any Warp, and Home panels will be randomized every chapter.
  • Ultimate Poppomania: All Hypers drawn will be Ubiquitous.
  • Enemy Draft: Selected units will change owners at the beginning of the match.
  • Ultimate Joker: All cards will act as they were level 1 and have no cost.
  • Unstable Selection: Chosen characters are changed to a random character.
  • 100% Mixed Juice! All stats are randomized at the beginning of the game. All Hypers drawn will be random.
  • Multiplication Sensation: All stats, effects, and durations are multiplied by 2.
  • Maxtension: All battle cards are replaced with Extension, which in this modifier becomes Level 1.
  • Forced Exchange: Every 5 chapters, at the start of the chapter, all cards in players hands are randomly redistributed as if Gift Exchange has been played.
  • Bomberjam: Everyone gets to place bombs down on their turn. It will explode after a random duration. You may also dash around a short distance.
  • Dynamis Dice: Choose the outcome of your dice roll. Once a number is picked, it will remain unavailable until all other numbers are used.
  • Shopaholic: Bounty Hunt shops will spawn on random panels, with tweaked item selection.
  • Knights and Faeries: At the beginning of the match, choose either to play as a Guardian, or Aurora, with modified attributes. All Hypers drawn will be random, and unexpected events may occur.
Other changes
  • Added a new "Hide Password" checkbox for lobby creation to help streamers.
  • Added new accessibility feature: "Use alternate minigame controls". With this option enabled, the game will listen for software clicks (such as those from speech control apps like Windows Speech Recognition); additionally it has added keyboard controls for the minigames to let players with various motoric impairments better play the minigames:
   -Whack-a-Poppo - press 1-8
   -Track the Card - press 1-5
   -Match 2 - press 1-0, '-/_' and '+/=' keys
   -Peek-a-Shroom - press 1-5
   -Saki's Bakery - left and right arrow keys
   -Spin the Wheel - SPACE/ENTER
  • Those players experiencing long loading time issues can now try to use the new launch option -noSmartLoading, which may improve it.
  •  Observer of Eternity will no longer have an increased likelihood to pull a transforming Hyper card; all transforming cards should only count once for the pool of available cards.
  • Made Santa's Workshop use the final episode of Crossed Xmases theme as a field theme.
  • Texts with the correct language translation missing now display in English.
  • Updated  Overseer's description.
  • Fixed Chef's missing name.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to mod a non-existent Homestop 48 would keep the game from loading.

Versioned Hotfix 1

A versioned hotfix was released on April 1st, 2022.[3]
  • Fixed desyncs in Forced Exchange mode.
  • Fixes desync when joining mid-game on a Mixed Juice mutator game.
  • Fix for the lobby browser showing a blank mutator text.
  • Fixes for Cuties and White Christsmashers descriptions in various languages being outdated.