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Wanderers Episode 1
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Field Events
Every 5 chapters, causes any Field Event to occur.
So, why don't we get out of here together?

Upon waking up in a strange monster-infested land, unable to remember anything but her name, Lulu is found by a wandering traveler named Ellie, who offers to help her get through the area.

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The character selected by default for this episode is Ellie. The match is played on the Night Flight board, with the MysteryMystery
Every 5 chapters, causes any Field Event to occur.
field event in effect.

Depending on which character is selected as the playable character, the opponents faced in the scenario will vary.

  • If Ellie is selected, the opponents will be Lulu and 2 Heliseeds.
  • If Lulu is selected, the opponents will be Ellie and 2 Heliseeds.
  • If any other character is selected, the opponents will be Ellie, Lulu, and Heliseed.


Much of the difficulty of this episode comes from the Night Flight being somewhat difficult to traverse. The first potential hurdle for the player is that the board is dotted with  Encounter panels, regardless of the path selected. While this may be useful during the early stages of the game to gain a few KOs and stars, on a higher difficulty level, these panels can quickly deplete the player's health. Likewise, the scenario will become much trickier once norma 4 converts them to  Boss panels. Worse yet, the player may have to choose between stepping on a boss panel or circling the entire field to get back to their  Home panel. A second hurdle is the far end of the field. If the player is particularly unlucky, they may become stuck between the  Warp panels. Similarly, the 4  Move panels present on the board. While they can aid the player get home quickly, they can also enable opponents with 1 HP to quickly escape the player, enabling other CPUs to KO them instead of the player. The last hurdle for the player is the Mystery effect. Given that it can be anything, it can have a noticeable effect on the game outcome. In the best-case scenario, the player may receive an effect like FreezeFreeze
Every 5 Chapters, 1/3 of the board's panels become PIce.png Ice panels. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter and does not affect PHome.png Home panels.
which can help them catch opponents and avoid Boss panels or BacktrackBacktrack
Every 8 Chapters, all players move in the reverse direction. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
which may help the player norma second time if they are near their home when it occurs. In the worst-case scenario, the player may get Random WarpRandom Warp
Every 5 Chapters, Each players will be warped to a randomly chosen panel at the beginning of the Chapter.
or Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
, which will just make things more difficult in most cases.

In terms of opponents, the player shouldn't experience much difficulty unless on higher difficulties. In this case, Lulu can be extremely difficult to KO, given her natural defensive buff. Likewise, if she has the opportunity to use  Lulu's Lucky Egg, she can quickly become even more dangerous from either a permanent stat boost or a large number of additional stars. The deck is also somewhat stacked against the player to make this possible, as CPUs are more likely to pack  Sealed Guardian, which can both easily get the player KO'd and give Lulu a window of opportunity to use her hyper. Lulu is also prone to being aggressive if the player is low on HP or standing on a home panel. Despite Lulu appearing as the biggest threat, the player should be cautious to not underestimate the Helliseeds, however. Even with their reduced defense stat, their strong pool of 5 HP and +1 EVD can result in the player needing to fight with them 3-4 times in order to defeat them, if they manage to evade the player's attacks. Their 4 REC stat also enables them to get back into the game quickly, which can pose a problem for the player. Give the number of encounters panels and infighting between the opponents, stars are likely to travel back and forth constantly through the game, so the player will want to keep a keen eye on all opponents star progress- especially the Helliseeds, as the player may forget about them in their pursuit to defeat Lulu. If the player instead uses a different character, they may also have to face Ellie. Ellie, generally, is less threatening overall, however, her main strength lies in her ability to KO Heliseeds, which can help her make up stars. The player does have an advantage in some ways though, as Ellie often uses her hyper without much thought, resulting in her putting herself behind in stars.