100% Orange Juice Wiki
Trap Card
Stock Effect
You give double wins on KO from battle. Effect expires on KO.
3 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
Uncommon Card
"Over here! My nose is never wrong!" ―QP

Wanted is a 3-star level trap that can be extremely dangerous for any player that triggers the card. When activated, the player that triggered the card will now give double wins for a KO as a result of battle.

Strategic Info[]

Wanted is an underused but powerful trap ideal for any character aiming for wins norma. With the exception of characters like Mimyuu and some playable npcs, most characters will give 4 wins upon KO. As to be expected, this trap can be extremely beneficial in the hands of Star Breaker, Tomomo, and any character seeking wins. As the player will need 4 KOs or 70 stars to be a high enough level to activate the trap, the card is used later in the game and meant to help the player quickly achieve the last KOs. Moreover, the player will be able to gain more wins from an opponent than the 3 provided from the much riskier boss, and be able to chase the target instead of hoping they will land on the  Boss panel first.

Unfortunately, the card does have some key drawbacks, due to its nature. As the card is a trap, the player will need to place it on an opponent's  Home panel to maximize the possibility of the opponent landing on it. This would still not be guaranteed to hit the player, as the wrong opponent may still step on it if they roll onto the other opponent's home. The card's strength is also its greatest weakness. The trap essentially puts a crosshair on the back of any player unfortunate enough to land on it, meaning even characters that normally would not attempt combat will try to KO the victim of the trap. This can cause an even worse situation if another opponent gets the card and uses it on the player, as the predator will more or less become the prey.

Extra Notes[]

  • While most characters are worth 4 wins after landing on Wanted, Mimyuu, Chicken, Robo Ball, and Seagull will be worth 2 wins after landing on this trap, whereas Malt will be worth 6.
  • KO'ing an opponent with  x16 Big Rocket will not give 4 wins because Wanted stipulates battle only, and the 2 wins provided by the hyper card are only because of the hyper's effect.