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Warefare is a playable field in 100% Orange Juice! The field is based on the ruined skies of the first level of Sora. Warfare features a small central path containing the  Home panels and many  Encounter panels surrounded by a much larger outer path with  Bonus panels and far fewer encounters.

It is the penultimate field of all four protagonist's campaigns, being featured in QP Episode 5, Suguri Episode 5, Marc Episode 5, and Kai Episode 5. It is also featured in Girl Power Episode 8.

Board Overview[]

Unlock Info
  • The board can be purchased in the shop for 3500Stars Icon.png after reaching level 8.
Panel Type # of Panels
 Home 4
 Bonus 10
 Draw 12
 Drop 6
 Encounter 10
 Warp 6
Field Events
Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.


The central path of Warfare lives up to the board's name, forcing players to fight through a gauntlet of  Encounter panels in order to reach their  Home base. Players looking to obtain win normas should stick to this path, as the outer path has barely any  Encounter spaces and plenty of  Warp panels for opponents to escape through. By staying in the center, opponents hoping to collect stars will be forced to come to the player when it comes time for them to norma.

On the other hand, stars are much easier to obtain on the outer path, which is the only place on the map with  Bonus panels. Players looking to obtain star normas will have an easy time collecting stars while circling the map but may find it difficult to return to the center. There are only two bridges in each direction for switching paths, which can be difficult to get to due to all the high number of  Warp panels. For the same reason, Random WarpRandom Warp
Every 5 Chapters, Each players will be warped to a randomly chosen panel at the beginning of the Chapter.
makes it especially hard for players to norma if they are unlucky enough for it to be one of the board events. Warping to the wrong part of the outer path will often prolong normas for another five turns, as the player will have to take a long walk again.

Boss EncounterBoss Encounter
When Norma level 4 is achieved for the first time by any player, all PEncounter.png Encounter panels on the map will be replaced with PBoss.png Boss panels. While Boss Encounter is in effect, any player who stops on a Boss panel will battle the Boss unit. This event will continue until the Boss unit is defeated.
s are very dangerous on this map, as the summoned  Boss panels are extremely hard to avoid for players looking to pass through the center circle.

Character Synergy[]

Warfare favors combat-oriented characters due to the high concentration of  Encounter spaces the player must travel through in order to reach their  Home. Characters like Yuki or Star Breaker can easily farm wins on the center path due to their high attack. Kai in particular does well on this map as the center path is the perfect place to use  Protagonist's Privilege, allowing him to avoid damage from the  Encounter panels and even bosses. Characters who do poorly in combat like Marie Poppo or Aru will be forced to take the much longer outer path to avoid  Encounter panels and offensive opponents who benefit from them. Even so, they will still need to brave the center path in order to norma, putting their stars at risk.