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Welcome to the Toy Store.jpg Welcome to the Toy Store
As Arthur, set up 10 shops in 1 game (DLC 19)

Welcome to the Toy Store is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice! It is one of 7 achievements included within DLC 19.



The same strategy used in Record Sales can be used for this achievement.

Try to maintain a decent star count when doing this achievement as the stars will be needed in  Branch Expansion Strategy. Therefore, do not to engage in battles and play as passively as possible; only engage if you can afford to and you're confident that you can get something out of it, avoid being near opponents. The more Arthur is alive, the more he can move around to obtain stars/cards. Larger maps may decrease chances of being bullied with plenty of spaces to place shops around. Bringing  Passionate Research in your deck will be extremely useful in obtaining Arthur's hyper more easily. Events such as Miracle and Charity may also help in increasing chances of obtaining hyper as well. The achievement doesn't specify that the board must have 10 shops in the same field so usual strategies for Arthur (ex. shops on Homes) should be fine in a multiplayer setting.

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