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Who Put This Here?.jpg Who Put This Here?
There must've been some mix-up (DLC 8)

Who Put This Here? is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 8 achievements included within DLC 8.


  • Draw a hyper card other than your own from the center deck.


  • Normally, hyper cards are blank while in the deck, and are automatically transformed to a character's hyper when drawn, so it is not normally possible to draw another character's hyper card.
  • The intended method is to use  Scrambled Eve (from DLC 8) to shuffle already-drawn (un-blanked) hypers into the deck, and then draw one out of the deck.
  • However, other cards that shuffle hypers into the deck also work. For example,  Evil Spy Work - Execution are technically hyper cards, and are added to the deck by  Evil Spy Work - Preparation.
  • Using characters such as Alte and Sweet Breaker can assist with this as they have ways of seeing opponent cards. Aru could also be useful in both getting Scrambled Eve and an opponent hyper by means of her hyper  Present for You.
  •  Passionate Research may be a good card to bring, so that you know an opponent has their hyper if they use it, meaning you're able to draw it.

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