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Gift Card
Windy Enchantment.png
Gain +1 MOV. Cannot Norma while holding this card. Discard upon use.
1 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Rare Card
People call her Barefoot Alicianrone.

Windy Enchantment is a gift card that increases the holder's movement rolls by 1. The player cannot complete normas while holding this card. Using Windy Enchantment will discard it.

Strategic Info[]

Synergizing well with assassins, bullies, and fragile star-gatherers alike, Windy Enchantment is a decent all-around pick to get that extra edge when pursuing or fleeing. Windy Enchantment gives the player long-term control over their position in relation to other players, giving them the option to get closer more easily or keep their distance. Windy Enchantment is one of Tsih's best gift cards, thanks to the mobility it provides, its lack of an impactful downside, and the fact that she does not discard it when KO'd. If going for win normas, she can purposefully put off collecting normas in order to get as much use out of the card as possible. At the very least, the player will never move one space with it in-hand, making it a reliable counter to Sham's  Delta Field.

Windy Enchantment tends to be more useful later in the game when the player goes for longer periods of time in between normas. Early game, the player may find that they will have to discard Windy Enchantment before they can get much use out of it due to the low norma requirements. Star collectors in particular suffer from this, as they usually can't wait too long on collecting their normas due to the star loss caused when KO'd in battle.

Extra Notes[]

  • Unlike many other gift cards, Windy Enchantment is not discarded when the holder suffers a KO.