Xmas Shooting - Scramble!! (Soundtrack)

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The soundtrack for Xmas Shooting - Scramble!! is entirely comprised of royalty-free music from a large number of artists who create and provide such music.

The complete list of music is listed below.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

Icon Theme Title Artist File
XMSS-Logoicon.png Main Menu Snowy Town
XMSS-Logoicon.png Arcade/Conquest Menu Dancing Snow Suenobu
XMSS-Logoicon.png Rebit Room Sunrise Kazuchi
XMSS-Logoicon.png Record/Memory Menu A New Life
Murasato Shota
XMSS-Logoicon.png Stage 1 Theme Summer Adventure MATSU
Natsumi icon.png Stage 1 Boss 1
Fly High
Mei icon.png Stage 1 Boss 2
The Irregular YouFulca
XMSS-Logoicon.png Stage 2 Theme Alcool et amour ISAo.
Kiriko icon.png Stage 2 Boss
Last Horizon HiLi
XMSS-Logoicon.png Stage 3 Theme Super Express Line
Flying Castle icon.png Stage 3 Mid-boss Loop#71
Nico icon.png Final Boss Battle 1
Final Battle ~Unwavering Thoughts in my Heart~
Nico icon.png Final Boss Battle 2
Integral One YouFulca
XMSS-Logoicon.png Ending Starry Night
XMSS-Logoicon.png Credits Christmas Mood
XMSS-Logoicon.png Stage Clear Fanfare
XMSS-Logoicon.png Game Over Time of Music

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