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Your Home Is My Home.jpg Your Home Is My Home
Win a Game Without Visiting Your Home Base

Your Home Is My Home is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is an in-game achievement expected to occur a match alongside, Poppo Always Wins, Little Wars, Starbound, Tougher Than Diamond, And Away They Went, Banned for Life, Full Metal Brother, Moving Castle in the Sky, and Mimyuu's Hammer.


  • The player must win a game with any character without visiting their own  Home panel.
  • A player can still land on their own base incidentally, however they cannot choose to stop there, rather than continuing forward.

Ways to Complete[]

  • A player can use large maps with multiple paths such as White Winter or Christmas Miracle to make it easy to avoid their own  Home panel.
  • The player can target characters visiting their homes to stop at their home panel if they can survive a battle with them.
  • The player can use cards that guarantee a particular roll or movement such as  Lonely Chariot. Or the player can use specific characters: